We Listed Down Five Unique Footwear From LOEWE

We Listed Down Five Unique Footwear From LOEWE


Loewe continues to showcase unique designs and we rounded up five pieces that showcase its eclectic creativity.

More often than not, concepts and themes tend to overlap when new collections are being presented on the runway. With the wide selection of brands and houses we have nowadays, we can only expect unique creativity from the directors to bring forth a distinct selection of pieces. 

It’s a designer’s creativity that truly distinguishes a collection from another. Whether their edge may be minimalist or surreal, their creative identity is what ties the concept together. And as we follow each designer’s artistry, we are putting the spotlight on Loewe’s pieces and their simplistic unique edge. 

SS23 Balloon Heel Pump

The Balloon Heel Pump, a direct and playful design Loewe showcased on their SS23 collection. Made with a classic leather vamp, the striking 3D heel heel takes the center stage as it impressively mimics a real balloon.

Folded Denim Boots

A detailing that is quite odd for those new in Loewe’s craft but in their constant quest for the peculiar, we are quite pleased to see their unique interpretation of the ‘90s oversized jeans look as seen on their denim boots.

Grass Shoes

Venturing into a more experimental collection, Loewe farmed Chia plants and Catswort on running shoes and coats which took 20 days for it to reach its desired growth. Like any normal planting maintenance, this collection needed regular watering for it to ensure a runway ready quality.

SS23 Deflated Balloon Heels

To counter their inflated balloon pump, this unforgettable design makes their way down the runway with compressed deflated balloons. 

Drop Heel Mule

Sophisticated with its leather finish and almond toe tip but the see-through heel reminds us of a raindrop which added a dainty detail on the pair.

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