We Put Maybelline’s Latest Matte Lipstick To The Test

We Put Maybelline’s Latest Matte Lipstick To The Test


Since working for a magazine, I’ve learned to give in to the flow of things. After all, you can’t predict what can happen in a day–your meticulously planned shoot can end later than expected, or you can find yourself sent to an event last-minute, for example. Thankfully, there are a few things you can control, such as how you look despite these changes.

We’re always looking for the next best product that can last day ’til night, so we were excited about Maybelline’s latest SuperStay Matte Ink City Edition. Claiming to last for up to 16 hours, the highly-pigmented product comes in bold yet wearable shades that flatter any skin tone. “Put Super Stay to the ultimate city test by wearing it as you go about your day, without any retouch,” the product’s press release read, challenging me. So I asked two colleagues to join me in doing just that. No retouches.

Tanya and Cheska putting on Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink

Tanya, Multimedia Artist

10 AM: I love lipstick, so I was excited to try this on. I like how easy to apply the product is, since it glides smoothly on your lips.

12 NN: Had pasta for lunch. Surprisingly, the lipstick didn’t fade much even when I (carefully) wiped my lips!

2 PM: In the afternoon, I had to direct a shoot. Some tasks as an art director are the following: making sure the photos come out in line with the peg, fixing the set design, and guiding the subjects on their pose. Even if I was running around from one place to another, I like that I still looked put together with the lipstick.

7 PM: When I looked at the mirror before I left the office, my lipstick was still on. I would definitely recommend this product for busy girls!

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Cheska, Features Writer

10 AM: I don’t usually put bright on bright colors, but I was happy to see how wearable Maybelline’s shades are. I grabbed the first thing that caught my attention: the reddish-brown Globetrotter.

12 NN: Today was my cheat day, so I ate something greasy for lunch. Amazingly, everything stayed on.

1 PM: Had a lot to finish in the office today so I had coffee, of course. I noticed that there was minimal transfer on my cup.

6 PM: Got a few compliments on my lip color too! Aside from staying on the entire day, I like that the shades encourage you to wear something you wouldn’t normally put on.

Marella putting on Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink

Marella, Beauty & Features Writer

10 AM: Applied the Super Stay in the office. Because it felt weightless, I completely forgot that I had lipstick on as I was writing my articles.

12 PM: Lunchtime! After lunch would be the perfect time to re-apply in case you accidentally wipe off the sides. For the sake of this article, however, I didn’t. I was glad to see that my lipstick still looked the same even if some of it was slightly transferred to my tissue when I wiped my lips.

4 PM: I was sent to cover a beauty event that afternoon. I entered and exited the premises with the exact same intensity on my lips.

7 PM: Got back home. An observation: the product does stay on, to my amazement. However, it ends up a tad lighter after the day’s activities. While I personally love this effect, those of you who want the same intensity all throughout can simply re-apply the lipstick in the middle of the day.

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink City Edition is available in Maybelline counters nationwide for only P299. For more information, follow them on Instagram (@maybellinephshop) and Facebook (/maybellinephilippines).

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