We Took This New Activewear Line For A Spin—Literally

We Took This New Activewear Line For A Spin—Literally


I avoid cardio workouts—I’m more into quick and heavy weights session versus a prolonged state of heavy breathing and even heavier sweating. But when I do cardio, I want it to be worth my time. Which is why I welcome the pain (and endorphins) brought about by a good spinning class—it’s fast, efficient, and targets the whole body.

A spinning class, however, requires mobility in your choice of workout wear. Personally, I prioritize function and style without sacrificing comfort. Specifically, I need my pieces to wick away sweat as I absolutely detest the feeling of wet fabric sticking to your drenched body. Lucky for me, superior moisture-wicking technology and comfort come together in Old Navy’s newest line of activewear.

Old Navy Active Electric Studio
Old Navy Active offers a range of performance wear fit to your style and performance needs.

During a spinning class in Electric Studio, we got the chance to take Old Navy Active pieces for a test run. At once lightweight and heavy duty, Old Navy Active made sure we do more than just break a sweat—breathable fabrics engineered with innovative stretch technology ensure movement, performance, and comfort. Most importantly, it’s activewear that’s hardworking as us. I prefer workout wear to be tight as my body feels more supported this way, so I opted for a Go-Dry tank top from the women’s line. To say that it kept me dry and comfortable would be an understatement as you wouldn’t have thought I sweated buckets looking at me after the one-hour ride. There’s none of that disgusting feeling post-workout that makes you want to run straight to the shower and out of your clothes. It’s almost like I didn’t work out at all—save for my drenched hair and spent energy.

Old Navy Active electric studio rj roque
Taking Old Navy Active’s Go-Dry technology for a literal spin.

Whether you’re someone who wants to work out and get noticed or one to calmly finish your sets in a state of quiet solitude, Old Navy Active has got your gym wear needs covered. Ranging from attention-grabbing brights and subtle neutrals of greys and blacks, the collection includes stylish separates that are easy to mix and match—making for an ideal work out wardrobe.

Old Navy Active Wear
Their active lines is made complete with their selection of sports bras that offer three different levels of support
Old Navy Active Wear
Old Navy Active takes you from the gym to the streets
Old Navy Active
Performance wear that’s as hardworking as you
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