Wearing Vs. Styling: How to Elevate Everyday Outfits with Content Creator Cess Tan

Wearing Vs. Styling: How to Elevate Everyday Outfits with Content Creator Cess Tan


The fashion world is dynamic, and styling is where Cess Tan flourishes.

Often, it’s the most subtle changes that can make the biggest difference—whether it’s a color combination or just a particular way to wear a belt. The excitement of putting an outfit together isn’t necessarily in wearing brand new clothes, but in experimenting with distinctive touches that give the illusion of something completely new and fresh. So if you’re looking to give your wardrobe a fresh injection of energy, MEGA talks to content creator and fashionista Cess Tan for a crash course on styling 101.

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Cess’s combination of denim and leather creates a stunning and trendy look

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been interested in fashion—films, models, mannequins…they were all a visual feast for me,” Cess shares with MEGA. “However, I also knew that I lacked creativity for making my own designs. So luckily, I came across the term fashion styling and was drawn to it, since I love dressing up and trying out different styles.”

This full-time content creator pursued her interest with an internship, freelance styling for celebrities, and a short-course at School of Fashion & the Arts (SoFa). Personally, Cess ventures into different styles from time to time, but sticks mostly to the classic and clean look. “I’m very into interesting basics, pieces without prints but have a unique silhouette, fit, and/or cut,” she says. “This [style] just kind of clicked with me, and was strongly influenced by my need to dress a bit more mature and professional when I was working in college. At that time, the Y2K and coquette aesthetic wasn’t really ‘in’ yet.”

Cess styles herself with a co-ord set in peach, exuding warmth and elegance

For Cess, styling is a source of happiness and confidence. “It’s what makes me want to go out and socialize, and helps me manifest the kind of person that I want to be growing up,” she states.

On the clean and classic look: Cess in all-black and the buttons are an apt touch

Not necessarily new

With this, the content creator has defined her own fashion identity and built her own wardrobe on creative choices that don’t really ride the wave. “It doesn’t really matter to me if it’s a trend or not; I’m drawn to classic pieces I can wear again and again,” Cess says. “Actually, one of my hobbies is to declutter, especially my closet, and I guess that’s also why I just stick to what I truly like and best represents me.”

A tip from Cess: never underestimate the power of lifting the wardrobe that you already own; a good outfit isn’t necessarily new. By making a few simple adjustments to the way you wear your outfits and shop for certain items, you can take fashion by the hand and make it your own.

This Filipina content creator is splendid in a simple white and it-girl makeup

The devil’s in the details

While yes, there’s creativity in making your own designs, there’s also imagination and your own touch of artistry infused in creating your own memorable and unique look. For the content creator, theme and location come first. “I believe that a true fashionista can adjust to whatever scenario or theme is given to her,” Cess tells MEGA. “So besides ensuring that I or my client looks good in the outfit, I consider the temperature of the location and the vibe of the whole event or shoot. This way, we’re comfortable the whole duration and make sure that the overall look and vibe truly fits the occasion. From there, that’s when I make adjustments to make the look stand out more, or in a way that people can blurt out, ‘I love her outfit.’”

Cess plays with splashes of color and fabrics for a shoot for designer Fred Telarma
Cess styles models for a Mark Tamayo shoot

When it comes to techniques, Cess shares that she’s very nitpicky with styling. Her eye for fashion discernment and detail has perfected her formula for staying ahead of the curve. “I tend to be really honest with myself when something is off with the outfit, no matter how big or small. Whether it’s clashing fabrics, colors, tones, or designs, I change it until I’m truly satisfied.”

Cess gives a masterclass on how to mix and match different metallic hues with this outfit

A tip from Cess: be open-minded and detail-oriented—not just with your outfits but with the pieces you already own. “I’d recommend only buying and wearing the pieces that they’re truly drawn to and represent them. Then over time, they’ll be able to quickly come up with better outfits that fit their preferences and body types too.”

Photos and Featured Image: CESS TAN

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