‘Wednesday’ Breeds a New Arc to a Cult Classic

‘Wednesday’ Breeds a New Arc to a Cult Classic


Centering the show’s narrative on the deadpan young lady, Wednesday explores the character’s individuality and strength separate from her iconic family

Whether we admit it or not, sometimes, we wish we could be just like Wednesday Addams. Throwing off dark humor and deadpan honesty in conversations, she cares more about her own well-being than how people brand and perceive her. 

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally have a deep dive on our favorite Addams firstborn with Wednesday, the newest series coming to Netflix! The supernatural comedy revolves around the titular character and how her journey in Nevermore Academy allows her to unfold secrets of the school and her family. 

Meet Wednesday

The eight-episode show features Jenna Ortega as the infamous teenager, with Tim Burton, Gandja Monteiro, and James Marshall taking on the directorial roles. 

“I grew up knowing and loving Wednesday,” the actress gushed during an exclusive interview. “The reason why I’m excited about it is because I respect and love the character so much. Introducing her to a new generation that people might not be as familiar with is really cool because I think she deserves to live on forever.”

Christina Ricci, the first actress to portray Wednesday Addams on film, also joins the cast as Marilyn Thornhill, a non-supernatural teacher of the students in the academy. 

When asked if Christina ever had any banter with Jenna for the role, the latter responded, “No, never. She wanted me to feel comfortable to do what I needed to and [kind of] make it our own, which I appreciate. And it’s very natural.”

In preparation for portraying the role, Jenna also had to take fencing and cello lessons to keep up with the character’s numerous talents and skills. “The cello was particularly difficult because it’s such a picky instrument. It’s really important to me that I did it right. I also had to learn another language, which I spoke for the third episode. I think we started shooting in August, but I started doing lessons for cello and fencing in June.”

Her cast members, particularly Percy Hynes White and Hunter Doohan, were all praises for the actress. “She really does a good job. She delivers all that deadpan sarcasm whilst having all the emotions underneath—and you can feel it,” White pointed out.

Watch out for Wednesday

With a classic having yet another reinterpretation, Wednesday breathes in a new perspective from its previous films and shows, as well as with the existing series today. Joy Sunday, who plays the queen bee Bianca Barclay, commented, “I would say that this show is quite self-aware. The humor is really witty and also dry. It’s subversive.”

Adding to that, Jenna explained, “There’s a bit of nostalgia, a bit of respect and admiration to that [old portrayal of Wednesday]. But it’s important that for this show, it’s a different age. Having all those aspects that everyone loves already and then sliding in maybe a new facial expression or a new way of thinking or emotion is kind of like, unlocking new points.”

Watch the trailer here:

Wednesday is coming next Wednesday, November 23, on Netflix.

Featured Image and Photos courtesy of NETFLIX (via YouTube and Instagram)

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