We’re Modernizing The Devil Wears Prada With These Wardrobe Picks

We’re Modernizing The Devil Wears Prada With These Wardrobe Picks


From untucked tops layered with belts to knee high boots on denim—we’re putting a fresh twist to the iconic fashion of The Devil Wears Prada

It’s the chick flick every fashion enthusiast binged one too many times. And since both eras of the 90s and early 2000s are being reminisced nowadays, from fashion houses to everyday casual wear, it’s only fitting to live out a modernized style of The Devil Wears Prada with these wardrobe staples. 

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Textured picks

One of the style techniques we adore in the film is their subtle play in textures. They do it expertly with color coordinated looks, as well as contrasting pieces like Andy Sachs’ green coat and cheetah details. We’re recreating this technique by playing with muted hues and trendy pieces such as a biker jacket on top of a ribbed tank top, and a satin maxi skirt to finish off the look. You can opt to tuck in your top or leave it as it is for the ultimate 2000s look. 

Modernizing Devil Wears Prada fashion - Textured Picks
Photo Credit: @hoskelsa (via Instagram)

Laid-back layers

In the movie, they often layered their clothes with thigh-length coats—giving them the right amount of height to show off. We can tweak this look that could also fit the warm weather by putting together a relaxed ensemble that consists of a plain white tee, a pair of trousers, and a white button down top left undone. This look will easily give that effortless and laid-back aesthetic.

Modernizing Devil Wears Prada fashion - Laid-back layers
Photo Credit: @rosiehw (via Instagram)

Drop necklaces

Andy is a lover of layering necklaces and she isn’t the type to shy away from wearing more than two pieces at the same time. One way to go about this is gathering your golds and silvers, and carefully layering them to create an effortless stack. The other option is for those who prefer a simple look—you can pull off the drop necklace stack by simply accessorizing with either sautior or negligee. 

Modernizing Devil Wears Prada fashion - Drop Necklaces
Photo Credit: @karliekloss (via Instagram)

Knee-high on denim

This certain look has actually been making its way back slowly to the fashion scene. You might want to take out your old skinny jeans and pair them with a high-neck top and a lengthy outerwear, like a bomber or puffer jacket. It’s safe to say that this ensemble is a favorite amongst models.

Modernizing Devil Wears Prada fashion - Knee-high on denim
Photo Credit: @kelseymerritt (via Instagram)

Belted waist

When we say belted waist, we’re not talking about tucked in shirts and belts around the loops of your jeans. We’re talking about the belts on top of untucked tops or outerwear that give an easy hourglass figure. But one thing to keep in mind about this look is to be careful on the texture and size of the belt so it won’t be too flashy or too simple for your overall look. 

Photo Credit: @jastookes (via Instagram)

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