What Beauty Products You Should Use To Achieve The ‘Rich Girl’ Makeup Look

What Beauty Products You Should Use To Achieve The ‘Rich Girl’ Makeup Look


Less is more and the ‘rich girl’ makeup proves just that.

We usually color our face according to our personality, but with its coined term, can makeup now really define social status? Well, we know makeup is for everyone. So, as for me, I would take no notice of the term and keep on putting on minimally styled makeup at times when I want to wear something light, and also particularly weather-friendly.

When the ‘rich girl’ trend started making the rounds online after Véronique Hyland gave it a name on The Cut, there came ‘rich girl’ hair, skin, and now, there’s makeup, too. Even celebrities are one with us in wearing this makeup look. Here are the products we highly suggest to achieve the ‘rich girl’ make up.

Start with a defined brows. To perfectly fill in your brow while creating hairlike strokes, use the K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner. This product is surely a makeup kit staple for eyebrow-obsessed women.

For an instant glass skin look, you can top your skin with Mary Kay Honey Glow Finisher. Just like how any Korean stars would effortlessly flaunt their glass skin, you, too, can cop this look with this Honey Glow Finisher.

Give the eyes a neutral shade with a little shimmer using Happy Skin’s Pretty Easy Everyday Liquid Eyeshadow. Whether you use the shade glitzy or fancy, you’ll get to that ‘rich girl’ look. This liquid eyeshadow can also substitute as highlighter on your cheeks and nose.

Instead of cheeky-colored blushes, use warm-toned blush that can give a little structure as well.

Eyelashes need to be on fleek, too. Here’s what Janine Gutierrez has to bring with her to Paris—L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise for that fail-proof lashes.

Pick any from Sunnies’ Fluffmatte Nude-ish Collection. With 6 nude shades to choose from, we can easily switch and swatch what compliments us best.

With only few products, this makeup look is definitely wearable for any occasion.

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