What Does Vitamin C Really Do To Your Skin?

What Does Vitamin C Really Do To Your Skin?


With the steady barrage of products offering quality vitamin C in the market lately, one can’t help but wonder what it really does—and if it does so effectively.

As with all products that we consume, we have to know its purpose and if it’s appropriate for us. With Vitamin C products being pricier than other skincare items, an informed decision will ensure the optimal choice.

So, what does Vitamin C really do to your skin? It is a potent antioxidant that is wonderful for overall skin health. A key component in skin brightening skincare, it provides a multitude of benefits. It reduces irregular pigmentation and skin inflammation while boosting healthy collagen.

Lighten, Brighten, Tighten

According to Pip Crichton, Peter Thomas Roth’s Regional Brand Director in Southeast Asia, this basically means Vitamin C does 3 things: lighten, brighten, tighten. It evens out skin tone by addressing skin pigmentation. How does it accomplish this? It interferes and inhibits melanin production. Melanin, as we all know, is the pigment that gives our skin its color. The more exposed we are to the sun, the more our skin will produce it. With this, partnering Vitamin C skincare with an effective sunblock is a must.

Pip also shares that for her, the C in Vitamin C stands for color and collagen. With its antioxidant properties fighting free radicals and damage from sun exposure, skin is noticeably brighter—and younger. It boosts healthy collagen, which our body produces less and less as we get older. Collagen is in charge of our skin’s elasticity and moisture. A boost of collagen addresses fine lines and wrinkles.

So, how do we choose the best variant? As with all products, the best is the one with quality and effective ingredients. Peter Thomas Roth’s Potent-C line promises to deliver all of the benefits we just discussed—and more. Their secret lies in their Vitamin C of choice: THD Ascorbate.

The Peter Thomas Roth Potent C collection is potent and powerful. Comprising of a power serum, spot brightener, and eye cream, the set addresses all your skin’s problem areas.

Compared to Ascorbic Acid which most brands use, THD Ascorbate is mega-potent. It is 50 times more powerful. It is also more stable and more acidic than Ascorbic Acid. This enables it to retain its power over time and allows for more open packaging. This also means it’s non-irritating and compatible to most skin types.

THD is also oil-soluble—ensuring a deeper penetration in the skin increasing its efficacy. And lastly, THD is more bioavailable, meaning it is easier for our body to utilize the vitamin.



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