What Fragrances Would Your Filipino Fictional Boyfriend Wear?

What Fragrances Would Your Filipino Fictional Boyfriend Wear?


From Manny of An Inconveniet Love to Kenji of She’s Dating the Gangster, MEGAStyle imagined fragrances that best fit your fictional boyfriend’s personality

The concept of fictional boyfriends is certainly one canon event in everybody’s life. After all, we are all in it for the romantic plot line, especially for times when real-life options are limited. Think of Manny from An Inconvenient Love or Gino Acosta from Senior High—plenty of series have continuously supplied boyfriend-material characters to fawn over. Sure, it might be a little bit unrealistic, but at least these shows are available anytime you need it, unlike your ex. 

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What Fragrances Would Your Filipino Fictional Boyfriend Wear?
Photo: DANIEL PADILLA (via Instagram)

While these stellar boyfriends only exist in the reel world, the beauty department might have an answer to make them feel more real. Courtesy of the broad fragrances market, it is easier to get definitive answers to what some of the most beloved on-screen boyfriends would have doused themselves in. Discover your fictional beau’s scent selection below. 

Manny of An Inconvenient Love

Donny Pangilinan

Manny of An Inconvenient Love is the definition of a perfect on-screen boyfriend. Imagine, he has a golden-retriever personality, but at the same time, a socially conscious entrepreneur who was helping the workers of his dad’s company against its unfair practices. As for his scent identification? Le Labo Santal 33 makes the perfect sense. It has spicy, leathery, musky notes that temper down to a green, floral-woody aroma. The fragrance is so Manny-coded that a whiff proves that it is not inconvenient to love. 

Gino Acosta of Senior High 

JK Labajo

Admit it, characters with a good voice will always be worth swooning. Take a page from Gino Acosta of Senior High. Yes, it’s well-known that his character doesn’t often make it to the good guy list, but his soft spot is enough to get away with it. Think approachably grungy. More so, the ideal rockstar boyfriend—the exact reason why it’s no longer a surprise to spot a Bleu de Chanel bottle in his fragrance wardrobe. It’s fresh, clean, and profoundly sensual; the kind of scent he would wear everyday.

Archie Aguerro of Senior High 

Elijah Canlas

Sure, Archie Aguerro of Senior High is certainly a handful of trouble, but there is something about him and Roxy Cristobal that hint at an enemies-to-lovers plot. Who knows? Archie might be the biggest romantic of them all! As for a guy with a bad boy gene and a hidden soft spot, scents like Tom Ford’s Black Orchid are a signature. It’s luxe, rich, and sensual—one that truly evokes old-money-rich with major issues. 

Kenji Delos Reyes of She’s Dating the Gangster 

Daniel Padilla

Fictional boyfriends come and go, but Kenji Delos Reyes? Oh, he’s forever. Perhaps one of the most memorable enemies-to-lovers trope, She’s Dating the Gangster created the ideal movie bad boy boyfriend. As for his scent selection? Popular 90s fragrances like Giorgio Armani Acqua di Giò make the perfect match. After all, its salty ocean water-like scent is as equally swoon-worthy as his character’s persona! 

Franco Lauchengco of Unbreak My Heart 

Jeremiah Lisbo

The first episode of Unbreak My Heart might have set the world against Franco Lauchengco, but he certainly has the biggest redemption arc from the show. He is cute, smart, and can dress really well—the kind of guy you wouldn’t even hesitate to introduce to mom and dad. He is also a fan of the classics; fashion and grooming investments that could stand the test of time. More so, a gentleman’s choice like Ralph Lauren Ralph’s Club perfectly matches his scent preferences. 

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