What is “Hair Oiling,” and How Can it Answer Dry and Frizzy Hair?

What is “Hair Oiling,” and How Can it Answer Dry and Frizzy Hair?


It appears that the ancient ritual of hair-oiling has officially re-entered the global beauty chat. As it continues to find a new life in modern times, we delve into its rich history and its proper practice

Beauty traditions are often passed from generation to generation — permeating one’s heart and home. But times are changing, and in a world where social media dominates, do beauty traditions still have a place? Apparently, there is. That preference, of course, refers to the renewed curiosity towards the ancient ritual of hair oiling; one circular moment that illustrates just how there is​​ and will always be comfort in connecting with the rituals of the past.

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Hair Oiling for shinier, stronger, andhealthier hair

The concept of hair oiling has been a part of many hair care routines for centuries — about 5,000 years to be exact. For the unfamiliar, it is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that involves massaging nourishing oil onto the strands and scalp and leaving it on overnight before rinsing it out. The benefits are incredibly plentiful: it can help increase blood flow in the scalp, reduce hair fall, and even encourage hair growth. More so, it also goes beyond healthy tresses as it helps relax muscles and ease stress and anxiety as well. 

Ancient-meets-modern beauty routines

Hair oiling has been an indispensable part of many beauty routines for centuries. However, it appears that the ancient ritual is starting to hit the mainstream consciousness. “Oiling is great for everyone. It is great for all routines,” Dania Shazad said in her tutorial. The content creator, who has been practicing the ancient ritual for years, emphasized that the focus should be more on the scalp. “Use your fingers and move your scalp; that’s really going to help stimulate those follicles.”

Hair Oiling for shinier, stronger, andhealthier hair

Shazad is among the content creators who have reintroduced hair oiling in beautytok. In fact, threads such as #HairOilingRoutine have garnered 134.7 million views while #OilingHairRoutine has collected 6.6 million views. Its spike is not accidental. But its popularity made sense: It’s easy. It’s accessible. It’s versatile — the kind of practice that can be tweaked by incorporating modern oil formulas and hair tools.

Creating a hair ritual of your own 

The ritual of hair oiling helps to strengthen and nourish roots, as well as, stimulate blood circulation, and promote healthy hair growth. One can certainly see the benefits if done correctly. Experts advise oiling the hair when it’s damp or dry without the excuse of it being dirty. Another way to improve penetration? Use warm oil as it equals increased chances of absorption. And while some are more in favor of leaving oil in their hair overnight, letting it sit for one to two hours should suffice.

Hair Oiling for shinier, stronger, andhealthier hair

Take into account that hair oiling is not for everyone. Enthusiasts with scalp conditions like dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, and psoriasis are not encouraged to oil the hair as it may increase flaking, leading to irritations, red patches, inflammation, and more. In this situation, it is best to focus on treatments that focus on detoxifying and nourishing the scalp.

On finding the right oil

MEGA's PICKS Hair Oils

Hair oils are known to provide hydration and shine and, at the same time, prevent frizz, and protection. In selecting the right bottle, it’s best to look for ingredients that suit your hair type and needs. Textured hair would benefit from thicker and heavier oils as it can help coat the hair and create a smoother cuticle. Think castor and coconut oil. On the other hand, lighter abyssinians like rosehip, jojoba, and argan are ideal for finer hairs. 

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