What Is Stopping You From Getting Inked?

What Is Stopping You From Getting Inked?


With everyone getting inked left and right, you might be feeling left out. Sure, it is cool and all, even more so as a form of self expression, but what is keeping you from actually getting one?

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If you’ve been thinking about getting tattooed for years now and still haven’t gathered the courage to finally go for it, there’s no rush. We understand how getting a tattoo requires a lot of thinking before you could actually head to a tattoo artist and get yourself a tattoo or two. Whether it be a dainty piece or a fully realized work of art, everyone seems to have a tattoo these days. And as society functions, you might be getting a case of FOMO.

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While that is normal, it shouldn’t be a precedent for you to just get one because everyone has one, because as we know, these things are permanent and should be met with utmost consideration. So, while you muster up enough courage to get some ink work done, these may be the reasons why you’re still hesitating to do so.

Nerve-racking pain

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From needle propeller to the tip of the essential needle, just thinking about the pain might already cause you anxiety. We’ve asked those who were already tattooed and they’re not denying it: it comes with a little pain, but in the end, it’s worth it. Clearly, if a tattoo is really worth having, it doesn’t come easy.

Finding the perfect design

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A simple online search can get you extensive tattoo ideas to choose from. However, since getting a tattoo doesn’t come with an undo, it’s difficult to decide on the design that you’ll be wearing a lifetime. Take your time until you finally land a design that’s most fitting on you, hopefully far away from the internet.

External influence

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Could there be someone telling you not to? As much as we appreciate these people’s concerns, it’s your body after all. When you exchange opinions and convince them, it’s how you prove your point.

Booking the right tattoo artist

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If your friend had her tattoo done nicely then maybe it’s time to reconsider your friend’s recommendation. Here’s where you can never go wrong—plan a trip to Buscalan and get your tattoo from Whang-Od, the legendary mambabatok, to get an extra meaningful tattoo.

Workplace won’t permit

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While we see and do it as an expression of art, there are still places that question people with a tattoo. It’s sometimes difficult to understand, and there’s nothing we can do about it. You can always go for a strategically hidden one or a white ink tattoo, but if you’re still unsure, it might be best to hold off on it for just a while more.

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