What Kind of Power Female are You Based on Your Horoscope?

What Kind of Power Female are You Based on Your Horoscope?


It’s Women’s Month and for every astrological date, there’s a powerful female you can see yourself in and relate to. Discover which one you are below

Women’s Month is all about the celebration of every Juana. Women are producers, consumers, and innovators capable of power. But what kind may fall closely in line with your astrology. Although seemingly arbitrary, your sign influences you more than you realize—so why not embrace it? Keep scrolling to find out what power female you are based on your horoscope.

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Aries: The Boss Babe

There’s no question that Aries women like to take charge—their way is the way. They exude confidence and have a lot of self-direction, and the Boss Babe is exactly that. This power female aligns with the driven and outspoken nature of this fire sign—competitive, loves challenges, and firm in their beliefs. As much as Aries women love attention, they also care a lot about others, and every Boss Babe needs a little bit of that fire behind their eyes to lead and take charge.

Janina Vela as the Aries Boss Babe

Taurus: The Nurturing Goddess

Taurus women love stability and sensibility. They care very deeply about all aspects of their life and are very spirited beings. They are gentle and patient but also stubborn and strong-willed. Who else is better suited for this sign than the Nurturing Goddess? The persistent characteristics of a Taurus woman is balanced with how a nurturing woman prioritizes comfort and the pleasures of the world, so they know how to nurture and build. She has the power to undertake the ‘impossible’ when demanded.

Andrea So as the Taurus Nurturing Goddess

Gemini: The Silver-Tongued Charmer

Intelligent girls who live exciting lives, have an energy that is malleable and ever-changing, and are super social? That’s a Gemini woman for you. They’re playful and intellectually curious, full of banter and wittiness who enjoy connecting with others. They can talk to anyone about anything, so find them buzzing between dinner parties, happy hours, and dance floors. All of these make them highly interesting people who love to learn about the world, and as the Silver-Tongued Charmer, there’s rarely a person they can’t win over. With a Gemini, the art of conversation is your love language. You know how to converse, debate, and banter—all with a hint of intrigue—and keep it playful and challenging at the same time.

Gianna Abao as the Gemini Silver-tongued Charmer

Cancer: The Sweetheart Package

With an emotional register dictated by passion, warmth, and loyalty, a Cancer woman usually channels this to expressing a unique understanding of the heart. The zodiac’s purveyor of care packages, they’re sweethearts who people can rely on for a shoulder to cry on and freshly baked cookies. They’re the go-getter, the friend you have heart to heart talks with over a steaming mug of hot chocolate, or the thoughtful and emotionally present lover. 

Stacey Sevilleja as the Cancer Sweetheart Package

Leo: The Prom Queen

With a flair for the dramatic, Leo women enjoy being in the spotlight. They’re the star of the show, which matches perfectly with a Prom Queen. This power female is vivacious who feels the need to stand out, a lover of performance and extravagant things, and is open-hearted and affectionate. Much like who people vote for as the monarch at the school’s most important dance of the year.

Lorin Gutierrez as the Leo Prom Queen

Virgo: The Self-Aware Paris Geller

Virgo women are perfectionists and take on challenges with hard work and determination. They are orderly, practical, and intelligent with amazing intuition, and they never miss a detail. They hold themselves to high standards, and while they may be stressing on the inside, they still come off as effortless and modest. As hyper-critical beings, it’s not that they need to focus on the details at the expense of their big-picture goals. Rather, it’s tending to the small things to bring their grander visions to life. To some, this meticulousness can come across as frustrating, but you can’t deny the impressiveness of the results: look at Beyoncé and Zendaya’s body of work, and look at how Paris Geller from Gilmore Girls goes after and fights for what she wants—and on a strict schedule.

Criza Taa as the Self-Aware Virgo

Libra: The Office Siren 

Equal parts elegance and edge, Libra women are classy and tend to be idealistic. They embrace their feminine side and love the finer things in life. They know how to best fit in anyplace, anytime, with anyone, and are very perceptive people. Gifted with charm, tact, and flirtatiousness, Libra women know how to wield their femininity to their advantage—few are able to resist their song. Because of this, you can find them being the center of attention and loved by all around.

Angelina Cruz as the Libra Office Siren

Scorpio: The One with the Sugar, Spice, and Guts

If this is your sign, you’re known to have a deep well of emotional intensity that can be addictive to others. Scorpio women are dynamic, a woman so remarkable they can be dangerous, and a passionate handful. Their magnetic presence and strong character are impossible to ignore, even when they’re being mysterious and complex. You get everything sprinkled into a Scorpio woman: sugar, spice, and guts.

Atasha Muhlach as the Scorpio with Sugar, Spice and Guts

Sagittarius: The Multi-faceted Marvel

This star sign is known for their adventurous spirit and charisma. With a longing to discover the world, this Multi-faceted Marvel prides herself on her spontaneity and a sense of exploration, her lively, fun-loving, and energetic personality with a strong desire for independence and freedom. They often love to learn and teach, to unravel mysteries, ready to take on an adventure and leave what she knows.

Chess Montano as the Sagitarrian Multi-faceted Marvel

Capricorn: The Class President

Think Taylor McKessie from High School Musical—this braniac is ambitious and efficient; class president, editor, captain of the decathlon team, and aspires to be the president of a country. Capricorn women have deep-running passions and value their career with a strong drive, and are relentless in their pursuit of their dreams. This power woman is a do-er, which means she’s all about making it happen. Because of her unwavering focus, however, the Class President can sometimes be perceived as cold or cutthroat, but that’s only because she has perspective. Although they’re very selective about who they let into their lives, they are incredibly gracious friends who pride themselves on honesty and loyalty.

Lexi Mendiola as the Capricorn Class President

Aquarius: The Change-maker Heroine

Aquarian women are the visionaries of the zodiac and are very original, smart, and independent. They have a stubborn streak, but most of their beliefs are rooted in teamwork, collaboration, and the “greater good.” They’re determined to make a powerful difference in the world, think Dr. Jane Goodall and Marie Curie, and are committed to creating a large impact from the ground up. This Change-maker Heroine, however, can be a rebel at heart, free-spirited, and eccentric, but will always aspire to move the needle through radical social progress and macro-changes.

Bella Racelis as the Aquarius Change-maker Heroine

Pisces: The Visionary Cloud 9-er

This sign has plenty of ideas brewing in her head. Spiritual and imaginative, Pisces women are easily influenced by their environment, artistic, and very intuitive. With their soulful and compassionate spirit, they love using their creativity with thoroughly engrossing stories. You’re a power woman who thrives on the world of art and creation, and are invigorated by experiences of music, romance, and endless ideas.

Chelseah Ongsee as the Pisces Visionary Cloud 9-er


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