What Makes Italian Style So Sensual?

What Makes Italian Style So Sensual?


Made in Italy is more than just a label; it’s a passport to seductive style. Let Tod’s be your guide to Italy, where every piece epitomizes la dolce vita

Set the scene, Italian style. Tod’s honors the tradition of Made in Italy, a core principle of the brand. Staying true to this legacy, Creative Director Walter Chiapponi has crafted a Spring/Summer 2024 collection that represents the culmination of a journey toward minimalist design and exceptional Italian craftsmanship. The clothing emphasizes precision in cut, volume, and material quality. Inspired by the male wardrobe and 1990s minimalism, these elements are reimagined with a feminine touch, where traditional tailoring is softened and made more fluid.

Different tones of the same color can add dimension to a monochromatic look

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Soft, Never Severe

Standout Pieces from Tod’s S/S24 Collection
Traditional tailoring takes on a softer silhouette

Drawing inspiration from 1990s minimalism, Chiapponi’s designs are marked by sleek simplicity and refined sophistication. However, this minimalism is never stark or severe; instead, it’s imbued with a softness. Slip dresses in muted tones glide over the body with ease, their simplicity elevated by the quality of the materials and the precision of the cut. A cream-colored slip dress, in particular, stands out for its versatility, ready to be dressed up or down with the right accessories.

Masculine, Feminine 

Standout Pieces from Tod’s S/S24 Collection
The collection ebodies the idea of simple sophistication

The collection showcases a profound appreciation for tailoring. Classic blazers and tailored trousers are refreshed with softer lines and relaxed fits. The suits, with ample pleated trousers and collarless jackets, are unlined and deconstructed in very light, loose fabrics. The tailored waistcoat is transformed into a feminine gesture, sensual on bare skin, while the trench coat, a staple of Tod’s wardrobe, is reimagined in sheer fabrics and very light-colored leather.

A standout piece is a double-breasted blazer in a neutral hue, its sharp lapels softened by the flowing, almost draped quality of the fabric. Paired with wide-legged trousers, the look is powerful and stylish, blending structure with the sophistication of la dolce vita.

The Seduction Effect

Standout Pieces from Tod’s S/S24 Collection
A stand-out accessory from the line is the leather multi-purpose waist belt

Then, oversize takes its place with open arms, if there are any arms to be shown. The blouson in light cotton and supple nappa leather offers a breath of fresh air. The poplin T-shirt with its kimono sleeves leisurely strolls cinched with a luxurious multi-purpose belt that ties together countless ensembles. The pull of the pleated patchwork skirt, reminiscent of moonlit evenings, immerses in its seduction. And finally, the tactile luxury of crochet-effect knitwear, its vibrant hues echoing the vivacious spirit of the good life defines Italian artisanal.

Crafted Classics

Classic bags from Tod’s take on a new, modern shape

Accessories enhance the ensemble and provide as necessary finishing touches. From the elongated lines of the famous Di Bag to the embossed leather of the T Timeless bags, each piece emanates restrained quality. The new Tod’s T-Box bag, made of glossy leather and featuring a metal T clasp, carries a geometric level of sophistication. Meanwhile, the new shopping bag, made of leather, conforms to the wearer’s shape.

Tod’s exploration revolves upon the revered history of Italian footwear workmanship, which is constantly changing for new generations. This season, the classic masculine moccasin serves as the starting point for the path toward femininity. The legendary Gommino assumes the lead, redesigned with a bubble sole and luxurious leather. Ballerinas, mules, and a new woven sandal with simple heels and delicate, muted tones round out the range.

Contrasted Neutrals

Standout Pieces from Tod’s S/S24 Collection
The Spring/Summer 2024 collections brings forth the la dolce vita lifestyle 

Tod’s creates a blend of earthy tones, contrasting the modest appeal of natural colors—such as écru, camel, and tobacco—with bright splashes of lime green, evoking the mood of an Italian summer. These tones, inspired by Tod’s classic leather items, encapsulate the brand’s unmistakable style with a modern accent. The textiles are as light and supple as a sun-kissed afternoon in Tuscany, with featherweight viscose, the airy favor of linen gauze, and the velvety feel of ultrasoft nappa leather. It’s a compelling mix of textures that invites you to enjoy both comfort and style under the Mediterranean sun.

Style is a sensual dance, whereas craftsmanship is a love affair. From the sleek lines of tailored jackets to the breathable embrace of oversized silhouettes, each piece displays enticing promises of la dolce vita. Tod’s highlights the irresistible masculine and feminine qualities that define Italian attraction with each step and touch. Saluti!

Photos and Images: TOD’S

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