What the Attendees Wore at the MEGA Young Designers Competition 2024

What the Attendees Wore at the MEGA Young Designers Competition 2024


The MEGA Young Designers Competition 2024 highlights Filipino creativity, on and off the stage, and these attendees feature Filipino pride in all aspects.

On the runway, six designers showcase their wealth of creativity. By the sides of the runway, guests display their wealth of pride. The MEGA Young Designers Competition (YDC) 2024 reveals that true talent can never be diminished, only supported by those who wear them. Filipino design, after all, is a factor into the rise of Filipino influence on the global stage. And who are influential, are the guests who deem proud of Filipino fashion.

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Dr. Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho

Bang Pineda

Blazers are statements of sophistication, and Dr. Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho wear creations by Bang Pineda, as they look enveloped in success.

Hannah Pangilinan

Rajo x Martin top; Renz Reyes skirt

Bright as the sun, happy as yellow, Hannah Pangilinan shines in her youthful vibrancy in a Rajo Laurel x Martin Bautista top from their collaboration collection and MEGA YDC Finalist Renz Reyes skirt.

Issa Pressman


Silver sharp objects often blind us, but in young designer IÑIGO’s case, they reflect only the light of who’s wearing it: Issa Pressman. 

Mandy Romero


Cut-outs can be a naked disaster, but for Mandy Romero, they’re more like hide-and-seek—revealing just enough to leave everyone wanting more. The design seemed to juggle pins and needles, but when done right, it pays off. And this was done exceptionally well by IÑIGO.

Sai Versailles

TOQA top; vintage skirt from Wear Classica

Multimedia journalist and DJ Sai Versailles stylishly transforms a dress into a skirt by TOQA, while also championing vintage fashion from Wear Classica.

Kai Lim

Joey Samson

There’s something about a beige bar jacket, and Joey Samson elevates this bar even further with Kai Lim. With the Philippine sun brooch shining, she glows with Filipino elegance.

Odette Pumaren

Bagasao and Rosanna Ocampo

When in doubt, go for a new denim look, and Odette Pumaren’s ensemble that composes of a Bagasao denim top with accents including red stripes and fringe detailing, paired with denim pants with contrast stitching by Rosanna Ocampo, takes on texture like it’s never too much.

Philippe Magalona


There is strength in denim, and RJ Santos of Randolf utilizes it in ways that it doesn’t seek any help other than to be worn by someone equally strong, like Philippe Magalona. 

Akiro Orteza

John Jade Montecalvo

One of MEGA’s Most Beautiful, Akiro Orteza is adept at angling for the latest trends, as he reels in attention with John Jade Montecalvo’s ensemble, casting a stylish net over his look.

Angelique Manto

Prince Padilla

Angelique Manto sets fluidity in motion with a dress that encapsulates contemporariness. As she moves, the flowing lower part adds dynamism that epitomizes the innovative designs of MEGA YDC 2024 winner Prince Padilla, showcasing his ability to merge classic style with cutting-edge fashion.

David Guison


In the heat of the night, strong arms can soften its blow, and for David Guison, clad in a creation by ANTONINA, the closure accents across his chest wraps up the evening with style.

Ina Arabia-Garcia

Arnold Galang

Marketing strategist of the luxury retailer SSI Group Inc., takes on a former look, one that throws it back to the first MEGA Ball event in 2012, Pinoy Pride Ball, wearing Arnold Galang. 

Gino Gonzales

Gino Gonzales

Mindanao fashion is having its time, and TernoCon artistic director Gino Gonzales recognizes this as he dons a creation by Abdul Gaffar, symbolizing the burgeoning influence of Mindanaoan style.

Myrza Sison

Jan Garcia

Fashion is the ultimate game of expression, and Myrza Sison flaunts her style clad in a bold checkerboard pattern of pink and black brocade suit with intarsia corset by Jan Garcia. 

Marga Nicolas

Anthony Ramirez

Some symphonies should never be forgotten, especially when it involves feelings, and our MEGAStyle Circle Ambassador Marga Nicolas feels splendid in this Anthony Ramirez gown.

Raf Villas

Gabby Garcia, Pinagtagpi

Raf Villas goes for white with his natural hair color, wearing a look from Gabby Garcia of Pinagtagpi label. It’s a rather cosmopolitan look, fitting for the younger generation, prideful in young Filipino designs.

RJ Santos and Nicolo Perez

RJ Santos and Nicolo Perez

Millennial supporting millennial as these designers are at the forefront of influence in terms of fashion, and RJ Santos of Randolf and Nicolo Perez of Nicoló made their marks in their own respective labels. While Santos went global, Perez wore PROUDRACE by Rik Rasos. 

Ehrran Montoya

Ehrran Montoya

The darkness has nothing on Ehrran Montoya, especially with the designer’s shaped silhouette combined with the colorful strokes of her attire. 

Puey Quiñones

Puey Quiñones

The night wouldn’t be complete without an alum supporting the next generation. With ateliers in Manila and Los Angeles, Puey Quiñones actively shows them inspiration by doing it best: wearing himself.

The MEGA Young Designers Competition 2024, it leaves behind an undeniable imprint of creativity and inspiration. Beyond the runway, the event reveals the boundless potential of Filipino talent. It carries forward the essence of unity and imagination, knowing that the true beauty of fashion lies in the hands of a Filipino. 


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