What the MEGA Style Circle Ambassadors Wore at the MEGA Young Designers Competition 2024

What the MEGA Style Circle Ambassadors Wore at the MEGA Young Designers Competition 2024


Our MEGA Style Circle Ambassadors are proud wearers of Filipino designers at the MEGA Young Designers Competition 2024. Here are all the details behind their looks

The MEGA Young Designers Competition (YDC) 2024 was a playground for Filipino pride. As the top six designers debuted each of their eight-look-collections, the guests and our MEGA Style Circle Ambassadors were a driving force behind Filipino creation and homegrown fashion. Here, MEGA Style spotlights each of their looks.

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MEGA Style Circle Ambassadors at the MEGA Young Designers Competition 2024

Marga Nicolas

Marga, beauty and lifestyle content creator, reveals she was “honored and for the most part, shocked to be able to wear Anthony Ramirez for the MEGA YDC event. To be honest, I could only dream of pulling out from his atelier, but I was just lucky that he and his team quickly responded to us when we contacted him.”

Marga Nicolas wearing Anthony Ramirez

Anthony Ramirez, one of the top-of-mind names for the celebrities such as Francine Diaz, Nadine Lustre, Liza Soberano, and more, is a master of drapes and tailoring. No more is it evident than in Marga’s lavender gown, which belonged to his recent Symphony of Feelings collection. In this dramatic evening wrap and skirt made of fluid fabric that shimmered in the light, Marga wielded the power of elegant lilac as well as the boldness of Anthony’s touch. “The silhouette was just absolutely stunning, plus it had an open back—a good mix of elegant and sexy,” the content creator says.

In this gown, Marga shares that she not only felt pride in wearing a beautiful design, but also pride for the talent this country is honing and cultivating. “Every time I wear something local and someone tells me they love it, I’m excited to say that it’s proudly Filipino-made,” Marga continues to explain. “I feel even more empowered when I see our designers reaching new heights and exploring modern technologies and styles, while still incorporating the Philippines and our culture in their creations.” 


Finally, at the MEGA Young Designers Competition, the content creator was even granted a full-circle moment by seeing Anthony during the event itself. “Filipino designers have so much talent and such a unique eye for storytelling; their personalities and experiences really show through the art, and I’m just happy that MEGA has created this platform to recognize and celebrate such talent,” Marga finishes.

Clyde Amadeo

Fashion aficionado Clyde stepped out onto the MEGA event in a three-piece set by emerging designer Bon Hansen: “When I knew that the dress code was Filipino designers, he was the first to come to mind.”

Owner of contemporary menswear brand hansen, Bon is a graduate of Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines who is building his momentum of fresh and unique stories with his designs. His most recent one is a capsule collection based on Simoun, the main character in the famed Jose Rizal sequel El Filibusterismo, and Clyde was honored to be wearing one of its pieces. “I’ve been eyeing his Simoun collection for a while now,” the content creator reveals. “When I reached out to him to ask if anything was available, he sent me just one photo of the three-piece set including the Simoun bib, and immediately, I said yes.”

Clyde Amadeo wearing Bon Hansen

Bon Hansen’s signature touch of deconstructed tailored pieces shows his capability and command as a Filipino artist in the fashion scene. The plaid ensemble and structured bib that Clyde wore is a domineering reinterpretation of a Filipino historic piece and a testament to his technical skill and talent in crafting distinct menswear.

Clyde represents the signature Bon Hansen touch and wears it handsomely

“The best part about wearing a Filipino designer is seeing the piece in person: feeling the material, appreciating the quality, and the techniques they used in creating such a masterpiece,” Clyde continues to say. “And the fact that they would even allow me to collaborate with them and wear their work—it’s like the gods chose me.”

For the MEGA Young Designers Competition, Clyde likens the experience to The Hunger Games Capitol district where fashion and beauty reign supreme. “It was so cool seeing everyone dressed to the nines and celebrating Filipino excellence,” the content creator describes. “The MEGA YDC also reminded me why I love fashion. It’s such a unique, unpredictable, and innovative art form. Who would have thought a terno could be edgy or that hoops could be sewn into a dress? Only the mind of a Filipino, and I’ve never been more proud of being one until this event.”

Cess Tan

For digital creator Cess, wearing Chrissean, a womenswear brand by Mae Fuentebella, is ensuring native creativity flourishes. A graduate from the De La Salle College of St. Benilde, Mae is a young emerging talent with vision, technique, and skill evident in her notable work, the Thyself Collection: Embracing Identity Through Fashion. According to Cess, she had options from other designers but “most of them didn’t fit me or didn’t match the vibe I wanted to go for. Thankfully, I saw her at an event and remembered that she was also a designer. Plus, I always like adding a twist into the look and not just wear the piece as expected, so I just styled it with my own items.”

Cess Tan in Chrissean

The content creator showed up at the MEGA event weathering Chrissean’s Alia corset top, which is made from Italian satin and Jacquard textured fabric and features a drawstring back. Mae’s designer touch is luxurious silk in subtle tones, tailored fits, and a play on shapes, cutouts, and fabric volumes, and Cess wears this splendidly. “There’s always that feeling of being proud about what I’m wearing especially when it looks so good and I know it was made by a fellow Filipino,” the creator continues. “It also makes me so happy that more dressed up looks are becoming normalized in the country as well.”

Cess Tan highlights femininity in her own styling of the Alia corset top

Alluding to her experience in the YDC, Cess says, “It was refreshing to see new works by new faces in this industry, and I wish there were also rewards for the top 3. I can’t wait for next year!”

Kaira Mack

In the realm of fashion, Kaira wears a designer’s own lookbook by donning their frocks in a vociferous and self-assured manner—she opened and walked for the MEGA YDC show in designer Vic Fajatin’s first look.

Vic Fajatin Framing Bodies MEGA Young Designers Competition 2024
Kaira Mack in Vic Fajatin’s first look from Framing Bodies

In his Framing Bodies collection for the competition, the finalist used geometric structures, metalwork along the hemline, and inventive craftsmanship that celebrate the female form in all of its totality. Wearing Vic’s first piece to open the show, Kaira shares, “I think it’s pretty amazing that he chose the piece for me without knowing it would be a perfect fit—no adjustments were done during the fitting, which made us both think it was a match made in heaven.” Kaira further shares that in the process and coordination, ultimately, she trusted Vic and his creative vision to bring the look to life.

Kaira Mack backstage, presenting Vic’s handiwork beautifully

As one of Vic’s models, Kaira is the representation of Vic’s innovative and creative hands, able to use her body, face, and stature as an expression or a catalyst of the inner workings of a designer’s mind. For her, the best part about wearing Vic is: “Being able to live out a story or play a role. To me, fashion is free and full of surprises, which is why it’s an honor to wear creations by Filipino designers and realize how each piece was built with a vision—then you take part in making that vision a reality the moment the fabric drapes over your body.”

As a closing note, Kaira was delighted to take part in the MEGA YDC to celebrate creativity and fashion at its finest. “It was a great platform to shine a light on how many gifted designers are out there and how groundbreaking our generation’s artists can be,” she finishes.

Bianca Ferro

Model Bianca is used to wearing cutting-edge trends, clever drapery and layering, and different shapes and cuts. However, at the MEGA event, she applied the sartorial code and came in something Boom Sason-made.

This designer applies a studious meditation of the modern feminine wardrobe; the basic blueprint of a Boom Sason garment is risqué cut-outs and figure-hugging patterns. Known for her swimwear, her touch of edge and sexy reflects the true exquisiteness of the female body—curves, tones and all. In Bianca’s stunning yellow dress, she is tailored perfectly for the effortless yet confident silhouette Boom has mastered and applied. “Yellow is a happy color, and to contrast it, the lining on the inside is bright purple,” Bianca shares. “It’s a nice and interesting mix between the two colors. And the dress is a two-piece ensemble which is very flattering for my body type. I also thought the piece was very sleek, modern, yet had a a lot of personality to it as well, hence why I thought it was perfect for YDC.”

Bianca Ferro wearing Boom Sason

In coming in Boom Sason, Bianca is heralding the recognition of talent and local inventiveness while also personifying the natural power and magnetism the dress requires. The model explains, “The clothes are not just clothes, but also a very personal affair. Usually, when it comes to local designers, you get to meet them, talk to them about the design, and have it custom made for you. I love that process, because it adds a human touch to the pieces. In the end, you wear them differently—especially when you know where they came from.”

At the YDC, Bianca describes the experience to be an emergence of Filipino designers and the future of Filipino fashion. “Coming out of events like these really makes you feel inspired and that your dreams—no matter how far-fetched they are—will always find a way to be celebrated. There’s a place for you somewhere,” she finishes.


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