What to Do in Tarlac if You’re Watching the ENHYPEN Concert

What to Do in Tarlac if You’re Watching the ENHYPEN Concert


Are you heading to Tarlac for the ENHYPEN concert and you’re not sure what to do while you’re there? Don’t worry, we made a list of activities you can do to kill time in the city

Who would’ve thought a concert can bring you all the way to the north? That is what you call dedication, so might as well treat yourself with a nice stay while you’re still there. If you’re part of the majority who is coming from the city, you might be wondering how you can make your time worthwhile before and after the ENHYPEN concert. Fret not because we made a guide of the things you can do in Tarlac that are safe for both adventurous and easygoing fans out there. 

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Hike before sunrise at Mount Pinatubo

We’re starting the list with a rigorous activity, and hiking has been a favorite pastime amongst Gen Z’s. If you’re considering this, it would be best to schedule this a day before the concert, so that your body can still take on the activity. Having to do this after the concert might strain your body, and you won’t be able to get the rest you need after all the jumping and screaming. 

mount pinatubo
Photo: BELLA MANZANO (via Instagram)

Late morning cliff diving at Canding Falls

We’re adding another extreme activity on the list which is cliff diving. However you might want to squeeze this in a day or two before the concert happens. This is fitting for those who like to get adventurous in their travels, and it would be perfect for a morning venture. Just make sure you bring extra clothes!

Hike the trails to Canding Falls

Afternoon picnic at Tarlac Recreational Park

If you want a little downtime without having to think too much, a cute picnic date at the Tarlac Recreational Park is ideal. You can get your snacks from the grocery store, or even cook up something simple before heading out to the park. Make sure you’re looking cute too if you’re planning to take some pictures for your Instagram feed. 

Photo: SOFIA ANDRES (via Instagram)

Cap off at Saipan Beach

To get things straight, Saipan Beach isn’t actually a beach because it’s a riverbank in San Jose, Tarlac. Locals would often go there to relax in the nipa huts or use the bamboo rafts for a little ride on the river. 

Spend your downtime at Saipan Beach

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