What To Know About Jo Malone’s Newest Edit For Men, Mr. Malone

What To Know About Jo Malone’s Newest Edit For Men, Mr. Malone


Signature colognes tailored to men, Jo Malone introduces a new edit that exudes a charm that is endearing.

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Scents— swift and passing yet it never fails to leave an impression. It becomes a part of us and beautifully ties our personality, our style together. A certain charisma you walk with everyday and everywhere. And for the men of Jo Malone? It is the perfect measure of understated charm.

Meet Jo Malone’s new edit tailored for men, “Mr. Malone”. It’s a lineup of scents that bring a charm of class with notes of zest or a burst of earthy notes to uplift one’s aura— scents you can take with you anywhere, an ambience you can set in your home, or a special present to surprise your father for Father’s Day. To this day, Jo Malone continues to offer a selection of exquisite simplicity and elegance— a charm that you simply can’t resist.

Wood Sage & Sea Salt

For the free-spirited.

The Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne is made with Sea Salt for a sense of freshness, Sage to add a natural depth with its earthy, aromatic tone, and Ambrette Seeds wrap the fragrances with an aura of sophistication. It’ll lead you to an escape to the windswept shore where the waves break the whites of the sea, air fresh with hints of the sea, and cliffs that linger a scent of earthiness.

Complement the fresh, earthy tones with a vibrant scent, the Grapefruit Cologne. With hints of Rosemary, Peppermint, and Pimento that creates a perfect kick to grapefruit’s luminous freshness and sunny nature.

English Oak & Hazelnut

Earthy and enticing.

The English Oak & Hazelnut consists of Green Hazelnut that induces a fresh and nutty ambience, Cedarwood for a charismatic intensity with its woody and dry character, and Roasted Oak that enhances the scent with a warm and compelling woody note. Listen to the crunch of green hazelnut on the side, smell the spice of elemi as it mingles with the woodiness of vetiver dwindled by emerald moss carpets, and a warm aura of roasted oak embraces the notes—an enchanting walk awaits you.

You can pair the spicy, woody scent with a scent that creates a deeper aura perfect for the evening, Oud & Bergamot (Cologne Intense). From Central to Middle Eastern fragrance traditions, a mysterious, smoky character of the revered wood radiates with the clarity of crisp bergamot, and a hint of an orange granite accord.

Cypress & Grapevine (Cologne Intense)

For a bold, compelling effect.

The Cypress and Grapevine (Cologne Intense) is composed of Cypress that has a resinous woody note for an aromatic freshness, Grapevine that exudes a sensual woody note, and Moss that resonates with fresh rain to cushion the fragrance in earthy, woody warmth. As foliages and revelry bring life to expansive terraces and magnificent arches, fresh air from statuesque cypress trees is infused with the trailing grapevines woody notes. It’s a verdant scene grounded with intensity and sensuality that lies ahead of you.

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