What You Need To Know Before The #MakingMEGA in Germany Premiere

What You Need To Know Before The #MakingMEGA in Germany Premiere


Most fairytales end with happily ever after, but in the continuing saga of #MakingMEGA, it just is the beginning.

It wouldn’t be a grand coming together of fate if a diligent record wasn’t in place, right? As is the tradition of the magazine, the narrative moves past the surface level and it goes deep into the story behind the glossy pages. With the in depth documentary that is set to premiere today, the world will not only bear witness to the tedious and sometimes harrowing process it takes to mount a shoot out of the country ala #MakingMEGA, but it will also allow you into the world of Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber unlike ever before. The same elements are still in place: a beautiful location in a far-off land, exquisite fashion and of course, cover stars worthy of being called veritable royalty.

Before the lights dim and the tale gets told on the big screen, we are giving you a first-hand look on what to expect from the Making MEGA in Germany documentary in this exclusive primer.


For the 10th edition of the #MakingMEGA series,the team jets off to Heidelberg, Germany in the dead of winter for the fairytale fantasy of rising superstars, Maymay and Edward. The snow-laden terrain, downpour of rain and chilling temperature would prove to be a challenge, but the crew powered through, producing stunning visuals that are every bit iconic.


Much like the story books of our childhood, the documentary is divided into chapters that brings us right into the thick of things, from the New Year’s day flight of Team MEGA, navigating the narrow roads and braving such locations as the famed Black Forest and the ruins of Allerheiligen, to the in-between antics of Maymay and Edward.




The adventures of #MakingMEGA is extraordinary, yes. But at its very heart are stars that have a story to tell. This story, as we begin to find out, is aspirational as it is inspirational to many. A testament to holding on to dreams and making them a reality, Maymay Entrata is a shining example that a bit of luck, persistence, hard work and humor can (and will) get you far. In the documentary, we get up close and personal with the young lady as she lives out her princess dreams, among others.



Not far off is the dashing Edward Barber, who at his age displays a keen ability to listen and understand the world that he treads on. A meeting of the past and present, he clues us in on his formative years in an experience he deems “sentimental” as he is whisked back to his home for many years. A homecoming unlike any other, Edward is suited up in a mix of whimsical and decorated tailoring that is truly fit for a prince.



Charm and romance collide in the most exquisite way as the two stars come together in a modern telling of classic fairytales in the land of fantasy, no less. Living out the stories of our favorite heroes and heroines in literature, Maymay and Edward throw in lots of fun, chasing the dreary overcast away. (You will want to see them play out a Korean drama in the midst of all the snow.)

There is no giving too much away but the #MakingMEGA in Germany documentary is a must-see. An installment filled with laughs, lessons and perhaps a surprise or two, you will want to keep your eyes peeled at all times. Needless to say, this adventure was one for the books.



Witness the #MakingMEGA in Germany fairytale with MayWard come to life tonight at the IMAX Theatre at SM Aura Premier as the documentary is unveiled for all to enjoy. Are you ready for this?


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