When Style Meets Sports: NBA Pre-Game Tunnels Double as Fashion Runways

When Style Meets Sports: NBA Pre-Game Tunnels Double as Fashion Runways


Pre-game tunnels turning into runways for the most prominent fashion events is nothing short of astounding. Here is all you need to know about how this transformation took place

The last few years have shown how the basketball arena has gradually become a place for some of the finest fashion moments. Who would have thought that high-fashion presentations would be witnessed outside of fashion weeks? It is amazing to see how these players with an eye for style turn completely black pre-game tunnels into runways before every game. Joining the greatest fans of the league are people from the media and fashion industry who have begun to take an interest in what NBA players wear as they enter the respective game venues. 

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An opportunity to express themselves

Russell Westbrook
Photo Credit: @nbafitted (via Instagram)

Basketball players have been given the chance to present a side of themselves that is not often seen by fans. Aside from that, players’ fashion fame can also entice other brands to work with them, which is a win-win situation for everyone involved. According to Matt Powell, athletes now have a greater understanding of the importance of personal branding. “I think that these players recognized that social media was an opportunity to demonstrate their own style and taste,” he added. 

Jordan Clarkson
Photo Credit: @jordanclarksons (via Instagram)

It definitely is a huge cultural shift that these athletes are becoming more involved in the fashion scene, and we really dig it. In fact, the Instagram account League Fits, which features the best fits worn by NBA players, has amassed about 900,000 followers since its launch in March 2018.

Iconic styles served through the tunnels

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
Photo Credit: @shai (via Instagram)

Who could forget Shai’s iconic debut at the NBA All-Star game? Shai Gilgeous-Alexander looked dapper in a fur coat, white button-down, black Chrome Hearts pants, and an exquisite Louis Vuitton trunk bag. According to the Oklahoma City Thunder star, the look was a reference to Magic Johnson’s style back when he was still active as a player.

LeBron James
Photo Credit: @lebron (via Instagram)

During the Los Angeles Lakers versus the Cleveland Cavaliers game, LeBron James wore a suit and chain, making for yet another unforgettable outfit. The attire he wore before the game was a tribute to Kirshnik Khari “Takeoff” Ball.

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Jaren Jackson Jr.
Photo Credit: @memgrizz (via Instagram)

Meanwhile, Jaren Jackson Jr. wore what many people thought was the best attire of the night to the NBA All-Star Weekend game. He was seen wearing a fur and leather jacket over a turtleneck sweater and blue leather pants.

A venue for meaningful causes

LeBron James
Photo Credit: @kingjames (via Instagram)

The tunnels may have been a place for fashion in recent years, but in 2020, they became a pathway for a political movement. The NBA and its players have joined together to use the pre-game tunnels to promote the Black Lives Matter movement. The athletes used their status as role models in the fashion world to inspire fans to take political action. Stylist to a lot of NBA players Vick Michel stressed the significance of acknowledging the contributions of those who have come before. “When you look at the Black Lives Matter movement, you have to pay homage to Jesse Owens, to Muhammad Ali, to the Michael Jordans of the world that paved the way for you to be where you are now,” he added.

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