Where to Attend Beginner-Friendly Pole Fitness Classes in Metro Manila

Where to Attend Beginner-Friendly Pole Fitness Classes in Metro Manila


Pole fitness is the next emerging trend you should try for fun and fitness. For beginner-friendly classes, check out these top studios in Metro Manila

From pound to pilates, the next fitness trend that should be on your radar is pole fitness. Beyond an art form, pole dancing is an exercise—an exercise that’s been observed to have a positive effect on mental well-being and physical health by researchers. This is because pole dancing is a whole-body workout that promotes strength, flexibility, and coordination. Pole fitness, on the other hand, is not so far removed from the concept. Pole fitness classes emphasize the fitness aspect of the art form, where you focus more on bodyweight training. If we’ve convinced you to try out this workout for yourself, look to these studios in Metro Manila. All of them offer beginner-friendly pole fitness classes and other related group exercises and dances available to all levels.

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Rockwell Atletica in Makati

Photo: ROCKWELL ATLETICA (via Instagram)

Who doesn’t love a one-stop destination for all your fitness and wellness needs? Aside from its gym and sports facilities, Rockwell Atletica is a premier destination for fitness classes. One of its offered classes is in Pole, and it’s open to participants every week.

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Pole Dolls Dance Studio in Mandaluyong

Pole Dolls Dance Studio is a space dedicated to dance and the aerial arts. As such, they offer several classes wherein they can teach huge groups of people. When it comes to Pole, they have a heels pole class, a spinning pole class, and a pole fitness class for beginners.

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Stardanz Fitness Studio in Quezon City


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Similarly, Stardanz Fitness Studio trains its students in dance and the aerial arts. They offer a wide range of classes, so you have plenty of options depending on whether you want to focus on the dance aspect of Pole or the fitness side of things. Besides pole fitness classes, the studio also has dance fitness and HIIT on its class schedule.

Polecats in Pasig

Photo: POLECATS MANILA (via Instagram)

Polecats Manila has always been at the forefront of all things aerial arts and pole fitness. From their group performances to the studio’s welcoming atmosphere, it’s become a community over the years, where like-minded individuals gather to holistically meet their health needs.

Elite Aerial Arts in Quezon City

Photo: ELITE AERIAL ARTS (via Instagram)

Another studio dedicated to the practice of pole dance is Elite Aerial Arts. It’s a leading studio that offers multi-level classes for pole, aerial silk, aerial hoop, and dance such as belly dancing. At this studio, you won’t run out of things you would eventually want to learn, too.

The Breathing Room in Taguig

Photo: THE BREATHING ROOM (via Instagram)

The Breathing Room’s claim to fame is that it’s the first salt therapy and yoga studio in the Philippines. They host classes in yoga, pilates, and pole fitness as part of their mission to promote well-being. Their pole fitness classes, in particular, teach basic spins, transitions, and poses while also promoting strength, flexibility, coordination, and body awareness.

Featured Image: ELITE AERIAL ARTS (via Instagram)

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