Get the Best Sizzling Ramen In Town Here

Get the Best Sizzling Ramen In Town Here


Looks like the new ramen in town has arrived, and it sure is sizzling!

There are countless of ramen restaurants popping all over the metro as of today. You have the Japanese restaurants in Maginhawa Street in Quezon City, Molito in Alabang, and Little Tokyo in Makati. But in order for these restaurants to thrive, they must elevate their consumer’s experience to the next level. After all, competition is truly fierce in the food industry, especially for food-loving Pinoys.

Photo from @kurejiph on Instagram

In our search for the new and unique restos in Manila, we came upon a ramen house that doesn’t serve your typical go-to ramen options. And it’s none other than Kureji, which was just launched early last year. Re-imagining the tasty bowl of Japanese noodles, Kureji seeks to merge two all-time favorites together: sizzling plates and ramen.

Sizzling Chasu Garlic Miso Ramen

By marrying the two Japanese comfort food, Kureji is able to create a dramatically different dining experience. It’s actually the most unique way to enjoy this bowl of noodle soup: the sizzle brings out the aromas of the slow-cooked broth, adding another dimension of texture and taste to the noodles and the other components.

Photo from @kurejiph on Instagram

While it may seem that this is disrupting ramen tradition for some Japanese food connoisseurs, Kureji clarifies that they have “the highest and deepest respect for the traditional manner of ramen preparation.” For the local homegrown restaurant, there are so shortcuts nor compromises. Hence, they only use the highest quality ingredients in every bowl.

Ramen Reimagined

You’re probably wondering by now how sizzling ramen is prepared and served. Unlike your regular ramen where the itamae (Japanese chef) will pour the soup on the bowl and serve it, Kureji’s ramen will actually be served in a sizzling bowl. Once you have your sizzling bowl, you have to stir and mix all the ingredients for 2 minutes before you pour the soup. A little hourglass will be provided as your guide to know when time is up.

Sizzling Chasu Garlic Miso Ramen

One of our favorites that we got to try was the Sizzling Chasu Garlic Miso Ramen (P380), which is only available with Kureji’s Make Your Own Ramen feature. The best thing about this viand is it has the Garlic Miso soup—the first of its kind in the Philippines.


Another sizzling must-have is their Yakisoba that’s only worth P350. It boasts of its premium wheat noodles that are wonderfully complemented by the garlic, yuzu, sesame seeds, and of course, their Yakisoba sauce.

Cheese Ramen

However, if you’re not a fan of sizzling ramens, fret not, because Kureji has the best cheese ramen (P390) in the country. It has this rich creamy soup that’s truly a feast in your mouth. The cheddar cheese and parmesan are both majestically blended with Miso, while the Shio broth adds that extra flavor that will make you fall in love with it. So, for cheese lovers out there, this dish is perfect for you.


Apart from all their noodle dishes, you can also enjoy other viands that should definitely be paired with rice. And the best choice of rice would none other be the Chahan (P250). It’s the Japanese take on fried rice featuring Chahan sauce, pulled pork chasu, kani, carrots, butter, garlic, and egg.

Chicken Karaage

Although, what exactly should be paired with the Chahan? Our first choice would undoubtedly be Chicken Karaage (P250). Plus, don’t forget to dip it in its sweet soy sauce paired with sriracha mayo. Now if you’re only looking for a light snack, say for an afternoon merienda, our top pick would be the Pork Gyoza (P200).

Pork Gyoza

Cap-off your Japanese cuisine tasting with an ice cream treat. Get to experience a trip down memory lane as you taste Kureji’s orange ice cream (P120). Upon the first lick, you’ll suddenly remember your childhood days as it remarkably tastes like the twin popsies everybody loves back in the days.

Orange Ice Cream

Treat your palate with the newest variations of ramens in town at Kureji. Like and follow them on Facebook and Instagram at @kurejiph for more info and updates.

Photography by Jemy Sta. Ana

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