Whisenhunt Diamonds Are Your New Best Friend

Whisenhunt Diamonds Are Your New Best Friend


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. From vintage diamond brooches to century old Art Deco jewels, we know where you can find your own best friend now.

Being in the industry for more than a decade, Whisenhunt Fine Jewelry, the brainchild of MEGA’s 2010 “10 women to watch” Nicole Whisenhunt, opened its first boutique featuring bespoke pieces of fine jewelry.

The jewelry’s refined aesthetic derives its inspiration from the beauty and power of architecture where Whisenhunt became known for her contemporary designs with elements of the Art Deco era.

Keeping in line with her vision, the Whisenhunt boutique now houses four main collections: contemporary, wedding annex, estate and collectibles.

Jewelry that are mainly composed of her classic pieces having her signature contemporary flair and influences of the past periods magnificently well-stitched together are the contemporary collection.

The wedding annex which is focusing on wedding and engagement jewelry are mainly set in white gold containing diamonds which is symbolic of the eternal and indestructible union between lovers.

Another precious stone in the collection is the blue sapphire that symbolizes purity, love, fidelity, and a staple in weddings that is traditionally referred to as “something blue.”

The heirloom collection that houses estate jewelry was hand-picked by Whisenhunt herself during her travels. Its collection is previously-owned pieces (vintage and antique) spanning various eras in terms of design.

The vintage includes all pieces that are 25 years above, while the antiques are those that are at least a century old.

Find your lifetime best friend at Whisenhunt Jewelry Boutique as they celebrate their official launch at the R2 Level, Powerplant Mall on Wednesday, August 8th.

Always remember, that your true best friend will always be there making you shine.

Whisenhunt offers full customization services, from bespoke design, to sourcing specific quality stones, to production and stone-setting. They also do jewelry reworking, repair, and redipping.

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