How To Get Your Whitest Teeth Yet For A New You

How To Get Your Whitest Teeth Yet For A New You


New Year, new smile—teeth whitening without the pain and the extravagant costs made possible by The Smile Bar.

I’ve never been a smiler. Growing up, I’ve had my fair share of insecurities, but the biggest of these is the poor state of my teeth. Mine were wickedly crooked and were the exact opposite of pearly whites—stained and predisposed to a pale, yellow shade. Truth be told, I’ve always wanted the perfect teeth so I can smile let alone talk with no worries. It wasn’t until after college, however, when I started to take my teeth seriously. Up until then, I’ve had poor dental care and even poorer eating habits; I’ve never really flossed and I always had a daily supply of excessive sweets. Lucky for me, my dentist cousin set me on a path towards my dream teeth—starting with proper dental hygiene and the much-dreaded braces. After two years of religiously taking care of my teeth’s corrective process, I finally had straight and almost perfect teeth. Almost perfect as they were still yellowish with an unhealthy pallor. I asked my cousin if I could get my teeth bleached, to which she said yes I could, however, the process would be more painful than what I have endured thus far. The bleaching process would entail creating micro holes in the teeth, allowing oxygen to pass through thus making them whiter—but it would induce enhanced sensitivity and bring about sharp pains during and after the procedure. Plus, it would be far more expensive than my dental braces. Back then, teeth bleaching could cost you P30,000 or more. So it definitely wasn’t a viable option for me 5 years ago.

How To Get Your Whitest Teeth Yet For A New You

The Smile Bar

Fast forward to 2019, I’m seated at the comfiest egg chair (a stark contrast to the usual, fear-inducing dental chair) having my teeth whitened in a fast, efficient, affordable—and most importantly, painless process. Enter The Smile Bar, an innovative cosmetic service that offers a fast and safe whitening procedure. Using only the best products that are imported from Sweden, The Smile Bar delivers an effective and efficient experience.

Their secret is the revolutionary teeth whitening gel that brightens teeth 2 to 9 shades brighter in just 20 minutes per session. Usual bleaching procedures usually yield gradual results, but with The Smile Bar, the effect is immediate. During the consultation prior to the procedure, they gauge your current shade from their teeth color swatches. After a triple whitening session, from a shade 28 I have moved up to shade 18—the 10 shades difference was definitely noticeable.

How To Get Your Whitest Teeth Yet For A New You

Comfort Is Key

Describing their service as a dental spa experience, you can expect that your comfort is their top priority. Aside from the plush, egg chair, they offer in-house entertainment with their iPads and headphones to help you pass the time. Their professionally trained specialists also made sure that the process was effective and stress-free.

How To Get Your Whitest Teeth Yet For A New You

Safe, Painless, and Worry-Free Whitening

One of the main differences they have with regular dental bleaching is that The Smile Bar’s services are safe. Unlike bleaching, the whitening treatment does not damage the enamel of the teeth which makes it brittle and sensitive with bouts of sharp pains. I personally can attest to their procedure being painless, much to my relief.

Another main concern that they’ve addressed is the downtime and the diet afterwards. Usually, teeth whitening procedures dictate what you can eat post-treatment—an infamous white diet restricts you from having any colored food as to avoid staining the teeth. At The Smile Bar, you can opt to avail their unique NanoSeal Total+ which immediately seal the teeth’s enamel so you can eat and drink anything you want without worrying.

How To Get Your Whitest Teeth Yet For A New You

Won’t Break The Bank

With a single treatment starting at P3,999, The Smile Bar is definitely an affordable alternative to teeth whitening. For a more effective session, the specialist will recommend whether a double or triple treatment would be optimal for you. A double whitening will cost P5,999 and a triple is P7,499. They even have seasonal offers you can avail that further lessen the costs.

To know more about The Smile Bar and their whitening services, watch the video below:

Videography by Kim Marasigan


The Smile Bar is located at the 2nd floor of Uptown Parade, Taguig City. Check their website for more info.

Main art photography by Kitkat Pajaro

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