Who’s Hungry? We Know Places Where You Can Treat Yourself To The Best Comfort Food In Town

Who’s Hungry? We Know Places Where You Can Treat Yourself To The Best Comfort Food In Town


Where do you want to eat? Given the gloomy weather and a hectic work week, it’s time to reward yourself with these editor-approved comfort food joints that will make you feel right at home.

So, it’s raining, hard if we may say so ourselves, and you are either stuck at home or stranded in transit and your cravings suddenly start to rumble in your tummy. Do you let it pass or do you brave the weather and go quell that hunger? The smart, sensible, and frankly the only answer you should consider is to eat. Now the questions remains: Where to go?

Whether it’s at your go-to fast food joint, an expensive restaurant or anywhere in between, there is nothing more satisfying than sinking in a seat coming face-to-face with a serving of your favorite comfort food. Whether it be a delectable desert or a filling pot of warmth, go ahead and steer your dining game to the best spot you can think of. If you are left undecided, we scour the city for the best meals of comfort, varying from local to international cuisines that hit the right spot. And please, don’t even think of reaching for that phone and order in. Give the delivery guys a break and head on over to these editor-approved fail-safe spots for well, our own versions of hunger games. 

Din Tai Fung

Photo from @dintaifungph on Instagram

More than a personal pick, dimsum is my family’s go-to food choice. Serving the best XiaoLongBao, Din Tai Fung always gives the homey feeling. The tender meat and the savory soup makes us want to come back every single time. If like me, who finds comfort by consuming big portions of XiaoLongBao in one seating, go ahead and enjoy the dimsum feast. -Alinea Hernandez, Digital Beauty & Features Writer

Shake Shack

Photo from @shakeshack on Instagram

When I go to any restaurant or diner, you can be sure that I’ll be ordering their burger. You can never go wrong with burgers—and Shake Shack is definitely one of the best I’ve ever had. My mouth waters just thinking about their juicy patties and potato buns. Add one of their signature shakes and you’ll soon forget the stormy weather outside—it’s just you and your meal; nothing else matters. -RJ Roque, Social Media Editor

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen 

Photo from @ikkoryuph on Instagram

During the gloomy and cold weather, I always opt to stay at home. However, when my good ol’ jacket and instant noodles aren’t enough to keep me warm, I turn to my favorite comfort food—Japanese Ramen to keep me warm. I order the Ajitama Tonkotsu Ramen from Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen. Its rich Tonkotsu broth coats my palate with creamy goodness and the pork’s special taste is just hard to find anywhere else. It’s definitely my top 1 choice when it comes to comfort food. -Elyse Ilagan, Digital Features Editor 

Mary Grace

Photo from @cafemarygrace on Instagram

Believe it or not, Mary Grace has been like a family tradition of ours. After having our usual Sunday brunch, we’ll automatically head to Mary Grace for our meryenda. My go-to order? It’s without a doubt the classic tandem: grilled ensaymada paired with their signature hot chocolate. And whether you’ll dip the soft, sweet dough on the chocolate or take a bite first followed by sipping your delectable drink, just let the saltiness of the ensaymada together with the sweetness of the chocolate complement each other. Trust me, it’s a feast in your mouth, and soon, you won’t even notice the time—all thanks to this quintessential comfort food. –Daniel Reyes, Digital Fashion Writer

Catherine’s Cakes and Pies

Photo from Catherine’s Cakes & Pies on Facebook

The comfort food I crave for on rainy days often falls under one the following categories: either they’re a.) sweet or b.) comfortingly warm. Catherine’s Cakes and Pies famous Apple Pie gloriously combines both qualities. It’s not typically my favorite dessert, but there’s something about theirs that calls my name. Whether it’s the thinly sliced apples, the caramel sauce (its not too sweet, which I love) or the crumbly streusel topping with walnuts peeking out, their apple pie has quickly become one of my go-to desserts. -Marella Ricketts, Beauty & Features Associate

Sentro 1771

Photo from @sentro1771 on Instagram

What else is the best thing to holing up in your room with the ventilation in full blast and snuggling under a pile of pillows and comforters? That would have to be a hearty bowl of sinigang to fill you with enough warmth to balance the cool temperament of the rainy days. When your Lola’s robust serving of patiently simmered pot isn’t within arms reach, then head on to Sentro 1771 and order my absolute favorite dish off their menu–the Sinigang Corned Beef. Combining Filipino staples in one serving, the marriage of flavors play well with each other, where the distinct saltiness of the soup base swirls cohesively with the tanginess of the tamarind, before finally balancing well with the sweet bite of tender beef. If that doesn’t feel like your Nanay’s familiar embrace then I don’t know what else is. -Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena, Digital Content Editor

Do these food options stir your appetite? Well, don’t hesitate and visit spot nearest you. It’s a win-win after all, since we all want to fulfill our comfort food cravings, anyway.

Compiled by Angelo Ramirez De Cartagena, Alinea Hernandez, Rj Roque, Elyse Ilagan, Daniel Reyes, and Marella Ricketts

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