Why a Solo Trip Matters, According to Kim, Julia, and Blythe

Why a Solo Trip Matters, According to Kim, Julia, and Blythe


Kim, Julia, and Blythe’s solitary travels will inspire you to finally book a trip and enjoy your own company 

After her recent breakup, Andrea Brillantes took advantage of her single status to hop on the plane and explore Spain on her own. This process of self-discovery is something that she doesn’t go through alone with those in the industry. In the past, even Julia Barretto and Kim Chiu have decided to enjoy solitary company.

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The thought of fending off for yourself may not be a comfortable feeling to some. In fact, it takes a huge amount of effort and sheer will to travel on your own. But if you are looking for a sign to have a solo adventure, this is it. We break down the reasons why a solitary trip matters in the eyes of three of our favorite stars. 

Going back to your core

2019 was a challenging year for Julia, and her solo trip before all hell broke loose was definitely one of the keys to her knowing how to handle battles with grace and composure. In a podcast episode with Access Travel CEO Angely Dub, she shared why she easily said yes to a two-week trip to Cuba, Peru, and Mexico.

Julia Barretto solo trip
Photo: JULIA BARRETTO (via Instagram)

“I was working every single day. I got so attached to my character that I feel like I almost lost myself in the process. When I [went on] with this trip, I [wanted to] be able to touch base again with who I really am,” she opened up. 

Gaining new experiences

There is so much this world has to offer, and Kim is always ready for another thrill to tick off in her bucket list. Even in her work trips, the actress-host makes sure to devote some time for activities that she gets to do alone. During their ASAP Natin ‘To Rome tour, she squeezed a day to walk around the city and even enrolled herself in a pasta and pizza making class with other tourists. 

Kim Chiu solo trip
Photo: KIM CHIU (via Instagram)

Growing into maturity

Finally accepting that it was time to step out of the comforts of childhood, Blythe knew that going on a solo trip is long overdue. “Sobrang saya! I recommend na lahat ng tao makapagtravel alone, once, in their life,” she told Vice Ganda in their conversation. Although she was heartbroken at the time, Andrea also pointed out that traveling alone has been her longtime dream all along. Visiting Madrid, Toledo, Seville, and Granada, she took the opportunity to get in touch with the maturing sides of herself. 

Andrea Brillantes Blythe solo trip

Featured Image: KIM CHIU, JULIA BARRETTO, and ANDREA BRILLANTES (via Instagram)

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