Why Andrea Brillantes is Shake, Rattle, and Ball’s Co-Chair

Why Andrea Brillantes is Shake, Rattle, and Ball’s Co-Chair


In an exclusive interview with MEGA Entertainment, Tim Yap shares why Andrea Brillantes was the perfect choice as the occasion’s co-chair

Celebrating the country’s rich Philippine mythology, Shake, Rattle, and Ball was a union of stars and personalities that transformed into Filipino folklore creatures. 

This year, host Tim Yap decided to collaborate with actress Andrea Brillantes for this event. In an exclusive with MEGA Entertainment, the eventologist pointed out, “Andrea takes Halloween as seriously as I do.” Last night, guests witnessed their commitment to the theme as Tim transformed into the country’s horror icon, the late Lilia Cuntapay. Meanwhile, Blythe made a glamorous take on the manananggal ensemble, a cult classic monster from the Shake, Rattle, and Roll film series.

Andrea Brillantes Halloween Shake, Rattle, and Ball

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Yap added to his praises for the actress, “I love her spirit, and working with her is a joy.  She [gives it her all], her eye for detail is on another level, and she has magic—I love working with people who exude that.” The host also thanked the actress for making time for the event despite her booked and busy schedule. 

Over the years, Andrea has proven her versatility in channeling a number of looks for Halloween. Aside from her half-engkanto and half-manananggal look, she also donned a Means Girls-inspired costume with her friends Bea Borres, Criza Taa, and Danica Ontengco. Wearing the character’s signature pink, casual ensemble and the bunny Halloween costume, the actress channeled the iconic Rachel McAdams character along with the rest of “The Plastics.” 

Andrea Brillantes Halloween Mean Girls

In the past year, Blythe has transformed into different characters, namely La Muerte from a Spanish folklore, Spider-Gwen, Chucky’s Bride, and Beth Harmon from The Queen’s Gambit. For sure, she has more looks under her belt! 

Photos: ANDREA BRILLANTES (via Instagram)

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