Why Fashion and Beauty in 2023 Was Defined By Micro-Trends and Design “Cores”

Why Fashion and Beauty in 2023 Was Defined By Micro-Trends and Design “Cores”


Find out how fashion and beauty gave us a wild ride in 2023

If you’re a fashion and beauty girlie, then you’re aware of the many micro trends we experienced in a span of a year. It was, without a doubt, a lot to take in, but it definitely captured the Gen Z attitude of moving on in a snap. While it may have seemed a bit chaotic, there is actually an underlying meaning behind the fast-paced change in trends. As we look back on 2023, we cracked the code as to why we went through it, all as well as a short prediction of what’s to come next year. 

2023 fashion trends
Miu Miu SS24

Fashion and its subcultures

Codes and cores—it started as a way to navigate through the many micro trends that sprouted out since the start of the year, but it also quickly became a slang that we use to describe our personal style and lifestyle. It’s one of the defining behaviors that started with gorpcore before we finally landed on balletcore to properly end the year. 

Christian Siriano
Christian Siriano SS24

In a span of 12 months, the global fashion scene went through numerous micro trends that ultimately led to everyone taking an individualistic approach. Instead of a prominent look, the macro trend of it all was simply embracing one’s style.

Andrea Brillantes
Photo: ANDREA BRILLANTES (via Instagram)

The birth of the beauty cores

Remember when social media was all about Espresso and Latte Makeup? It may seem odd to some, but it’s only a minor detail to the general movement in the beauty world. In a conversation with MEGA Beauty Writer Mara Go, she shared, “While the relationship between beauty and food has long since been intertwined, these trends also tell us something about how the beauty world is starting to develop its equivalent of fashion cores or niche. Makeup, at this point, is not only focused on the final look. It is also about the collective energy, narrative or vibe you want to communicate.” She concluded by saying, “The year certainly belonged to food-inspired beauty concepts—classic and versatile looks that received an edible rebrand.”

Maris Racal
Photo: MARIS RACAL (via Instagram)

In beauty’s own language, it also became a room that welcomes the majority—making it a safe space for everyone. Much like fashion and its cores, the response of the industry was aligned with individualism as well, only it was done in a subtle manner. In the end, these attention-grabbing trends, like the strawberry and tomato makeup look, were just pawns in the overall picture. 

Dua Lipa
Photo: DUA LIPA (via Instagram)

The start of a universal trend

Think of 2023 as the beginning of personal twists in the general movement. The reason why we’d call it a universal trend is because there is a collective understanding towards each other’s preferences—a mutual support for those who are into fashion and beauty.

Sabrina Carpenter
Photo: SABRINA CARPENTER (via Instagram)

So what should we expect in next year’s trends? Whether it’s a reinterpretation of a fad in the past or an entirely new and mind-boggling idea, best believe that individualism will be at the center of it all—we just need to wait and see how far it can take us.

Featured Image: OLIVIA RODRIGO (via Instagram)

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