Why Francine Diaz is Our New Favorite Host

Why Francine Diaz is Our New Favorite Host


Apart from acting, Francine Diaz is showing great potential in becoming a well-spoken host. Here’s how the star keeps honing her skill in many ways

In the world of show business, the drive to keep growing and learning is one of the reasons why a star never loses its shine. Given the competitive territory of the limelight, talents are not expected to hone just one skill, but rather to be multifaceted individuals. For actors in the country, we see them portray roles for their teleseryes and films apart from venturing into singing and dancing. And among the names of this generation, Francine Diaz stands out as the next big thing when it comes to hosting. 

Why Francine Diaz is Our New Favorite Host

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This October, the Fractured actress is proving her potential by joining longtime hosts Luis Manzano, Robi Domingo, and Melai Canteveros in the noontime show It’s Your Lucky Day. But even before this stint, she has tried the ropes of news reporting as a Celebrity Star Patroller in TV Patrol. As she keeps growing in this field, it can be said that it is only the start of the many hosting opportunities knocking her door. With that, MEGA Entertainment gives you some reasons why Francine is our next favorite host. 

Training her way to success

Her humble beginnings as an actress is a good foundation to honing her talent. Playing a character requires memorizing lines and making sure that they are said as intended by the director. 

Over the years, the Dirty Linen star has played a good number of roles that have helped her modulate her voice and improve on her intonation and enunciation. Given her all-out performance in every project, there is no doubt that Francine really does take the time to study how her characters move, and of course, speak. 

Sharing a good conversation

In 2020, the Star Magic artist uploaded her first vlog where she answered questions from her fans. Since then, she has continued to churn out videos that are not just entertaining, but meaningful as well, including collaborations with fellow celebrities and content creators. Whether it’s a sit-down segment or a fun prank, the vlogger would act as a host of sorts for her guests, asking them questions to get to know them. From time to time, she would also appear in the vlogs of her collaborators, sharing her own jokes and words of wisdom.

In her past videos, she has been joined by her ninang Small Laude, Luis Manzano, Bea Alonzo, Kim Chiu, and more. Needless to say, her on-screen partner, Seth Fedelin, also appears in her vlogs. 

Making learning consistent

Despite her busy schedule, she has her studies in check, too. A few days ago, she shared on Instagram that she is ready for another academic year this 2024. When she has more time to spare, she also reads historical books and stories. Through her consistent need to learn through classes, lessons, and readings, she is able to strengthen her communication skills. With these, she is more equipped to converse with a wide range of individuals and expand her vocabulary. 

Francine’s experiences throughout the years have shaped her into the fine, young woman that she is today. While we can’t wait for her to rule in television and movie projects, we’re definitely seeing a bright future ahead of her as a host. 

Photos: FRANCINE DIAZ (via Instagram)

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