Why Gucci’s FW24 is an Actual Collection Women Will Wear in Real Life

Why Gucci’s FW24 is an Actual Collection Women Will Wear in Real Life


Has Gucci made simplicity the most elegant form of fashion? From the Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2024 show, explore Sabato De Sarno’s second collection to see if he made us fall in love

Gucci is great again. Creative Director Sabato De Sarno’s second women’s collection emerges as a masterful exploration of seduction within the supposedly icy grip of winter looks. However, at the Milan Fashion Week FW24 show, the collection extracts the elegance that makes simplicity rise from its dormancy. Indeed, each piece radiates approachability and ease, making it irresistible for all women with its practical yet sophisticated designs. Is it real love?

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Sheer slipdresses are decorated in clear water-droplike paillettes and fringe

In defiance of conventional wisdom, where bulky layers are the norm, De Sarno’s designs offer scant protection against the season’s chill, opting instead for a daring embrace of vulnerability and intimacy. Yet, far from being impractical, De Sarno’s creations exude an undeniable warmth; a warmth that emanates not from layers of fabric, but from the sheer joy infused into each piece. And there was lots of sheer. 

There’s a sense of nostalgia in the collection—a nod to a time when fashion was less about extravagance and more about quiet sophistication. It’s a throwback to an era when Gucci’s allure lay in its understated elegance. In a society that often demands aggression and bravado, De Sarno’s collection offers a gentle counterpoint: true strength lies in grace. It’s a caress amidst the chaos, a soothing balm for the soul—even in the face of life’s harshest realities, there is beauty to be found.

Sabato de Sarno brings back the effortless allure of a Gucci woman
Wearability is a priority for de Sarno, as seen in this easy-to-wear slip on dress

Slip dresses in sheer, tinged with fringe, and abounded by lace are predominant. Cardigans, with the same placement of fringe, shake and awe in their place, especially combined with the large platform shoes that are as delicious as the candy-colored bags paired alongside them. 

De Sarno’s signature overcoats are made with adjustable, hidden buttons at the back so they can be worn loose or tighter
Structured and streamlined looks are juxtaposed with a bright pop of color like acid green

Blazer dresses give off a ‘60s mod silhouette that surprises in its ability to give an otherwise appealing shape to the wearer. Embellished lapels still shimmer, previously seen at the men’s showcase, and with good reason: they work. 

Spotted throughout the show are new shapes and styles of Gucci handbags, most of which take form in soft, puffy silhouettes

Cloud bags that look breathy and bubbly one could wish it was cotton candy, or, if opposed to sugar, at least sleeping above the skies. And that’s what the collection looks like: luscious nightwear tinted and toned in Gucci luxury that only the House can do, and do well. 

The lingerie-wear-inspired dresses were reminiscent of the beloved 90s and early 2000s era of Gucci
The new Gucci tall riding boot is made in buttery-soft leather and embellished with the horsebit hardware at the heel

Yet what stands out in looks that can arguably be compared to heading out in the garden during witching hour wearing nothing but lace and sheer, are its complementary companion piece: the tall riding boots, shiny and buttery in their own accord.

Like the witching hour, the collection is quiet, but it’s nothing to be afraid of. Instead, it becomes a time where one can revel in the joy of the night, as long as you are wearing De Sarno’s Gucci. 

To add a playful and dynamic touch to knitwear, de Sarno added metallic fringe that moves with the wearer

As early as now, De Sarno has undeniably carved a niche for himself —a trailblazer who charts his course, leaving breadcrumbs for those bold enough to follow. His distinct vision to imbue desire to his designs, as swift to wear them and as silent to be seen on them, is very much loud in its seductive embrace in every piece he produces. He proves one need not be too grand for desire. De Sarno has arguably cemented his status as an influential figure in the industry.

De Sarno continues to anchor his collection with an ox blood-esque hue he calls ‘Ancora Rosso’

With each simple yet splendid garment, he seduces us in our passion for the House. Like the music that echoes, “I’m in love”, within the same gray warehouse presented from the previous show, albeit cast with golden light sans fluorescent white light, Sabato de Sarno made us fall in love with Gucci all over again.

Photos and Featured Image: GUCCI

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