Why Heaven Peralejo and Marco Gallo’s Chemistry Works Today

Why Heaven Peralejo and Marco Gallo’s Chemistry Works Today


Giving truth to hearts growing fonder with absence, Heaven Peralejo and Marco Gallo’s on and off-screen reunion has changed their lives since

For some, chemistry is something you can cheat. Thanks to workshops and just enough kilig schemes, two actors can pass as potential lovers. To others, though, it’s a crucial factor that, thankfully, comes naturally. With destiny’s hand, everyone shall see the spark between the two. Truth be told, the marriage of both factors only strikes sometimes, but for Heaven Peralejo and Marco Gallo, it’s a conscious combination of both.

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Heaven and Marco

The tandem, now fondly called as MarVen by their supporters, has been proving that with both destiny and decision comes great responsibility more than chemistry. And with that, MEGA Entertainment gives you a rundown on why Heaven and Marco’s chemistry is working today. 

With the right hand and right timing

Divine providence speaks in wondrous ways, from codes, signs, to symbols for us to make sense of. For the actress, the number seven was the sign she received, and the message being delivered was clear—Marco. 

In their recent interview with Luis Manzano, she pointed out the significance of the said number when it comes to the both of them. “This is my favorite kwento. The name is Lucky Season Seven,” Heaven began explaining, pertaining to the Pinoy Big Brother season she and the actor were in. “Then, hindi kami nagkita for seven years. Tapos, seven years sakto, binigay sa amin ‘yung The Rain in España!” 

Through a convenience store run after their workshop for the series, the two reconnected and found answers as to why they lost their bond as best friends inside Kuya’s house. “It [didn’t] even [feel like] work during The Rain in España,” Marco noted. “It was just like catching up the whole time. And then between the lines, we would have a resemblance with our own private conversations.” 

Heaven and Marco

Just like their characters Luna and Kalix, the two met years after going their own ways. Maturity changes people, and for Heaven and Marco, it’s for the better. Now that they are establishing their reel and real relationship, their acquired experience all these years made them wiser people who can make sounder decisions. 

Left with conscious choices

More than their personal relationship, both Marco and Heaven regard their partnership as one that’s not just about them. With their booming projects such as All About Love and The Ship Show, they now take into consideration who they are affecting with their relationship. Topping the list are their management and supporters, of course. 

Taking the realistic aspect into the picture, Marco shared his thoughts on the professional side of things with MEGA Entertainment. “People spend on us. Our company gave us the trust to carry this movie and we are hoping we could at least give back. And how do you do that? You bring a story to life.”

Heaven and Marco

The actor further delved into their newest film, The Ship Show. “I think there’s something good [with it]. There are learnings about our industry that the netizens can learn from, and it’s pretty interesting cause it’s not that simple like people think.”

Now that they are working closely for their projects, the actors’ chemistry goes beyond the screen and translates into their real selves as Heaven and Marco. They also admitted that they are currently dating and getting to know each other more. 

Heaven and Marco

“‘Yun ‘yung pinakamagandang foundation, ‘yung friendship namin. So, whatever happens to us, ‘yung friendship namin, mananatili,” the actress said with finality. 

Indeed, chemistry does not just apply to romantic partnerships. The word’s definition covers a number of relationships. But if there is one common denominator to what ultimately builds chemistry in any of those, it’s trust. And with what Heaven Peralejo and Marco Gallo have rebuilt since, that word is evidently present in what they have today. Trust on themselves and on each other. 

Photos: HEAVEN PERALEJO (via Instagram)

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