Why Michelle Dee and Anntonia Porsild are the Ultimate Miss Universe Power Duo

Why Michelle Dee and Anntonia Porsild are the Ultimate Miss Universe Power Duo


As the anticipation builds for our new Miss Universe, let’s take a look at the heartwarming friendship that’s blossoming between Michelle Dee and Anntonia Porsild from Thailand

Amidst the hustle and bustle of every pageant, the true essence lies in women transcending comparisons, and this season witnessed the inspiring bond between Philippines’ Michelle Dee and Thailand’s Anntonia Porsild. Beyond glittering gowns and poised performances, their genuine connection offers a compelling celebration of sisterhood. Before we see the crowning moment of our next Miss Universe, here’s a glimpse into why these two women stand tall as our favorite dynamic duo.

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Subtle yet striking bonds

Michelle Dee and Antonnia Porsild's friendship

Upon their arrival in El Salvador, excitement bubbled among fans eagerly awaiting the encounter between Miss Philippines and Miss Thailand. In lands where the love for pageantry runs deep, seeing people wanting to witness these kinds of interactions is normal and expected. Although it had been a while since they shared a moment, the two surprised everyone in an interview together where they shared that they actually have a deep, behind-the-scenes friendship despite being sent to different events. From that appearance on, their connection became an enchanting chapter to follow.

Frames of friendship

Michelle Dee took this photo of Antonnia Porsild

Michelle Dee’s artistic flair shines brightly, and this year, she graciously shared her creative touch with Anntonia. After their rehearsals on the fourth day, the Thai beauty queen expressed gratitude to MMD for capturing her look in an Instagram post. The online buzz soared when Anntonia playfully responded to Michelle’s “Hi Mommy!” comment with a “Hi Daddy!” reply. The internet further embraced the two with a trending “PorDee Universe” hashtag, encapsulating the widespread admiration surrounding their endearing interactions.

Train and triumph 

Miss Philippines and Miss Thailand training together

Pageant training is a demanding journey, yet the load is significantly lightened when you have a reliable friend by your side—an insight brought to life by the two. Beyond the training snapshots they shared, there’s a charming moment where the Thai candidate used the Filipina frontrunner’s dress to stay warm during their practice—a simple yet touching act. Despite their competitive drive, they revealed a side of genuine support, showing that, in this battle, they truly have each other’s backs.

Crowning connections

@annporsild A much needed beauty day with @Miss Universe Thailand @Miss Universe Skincare @MMD 💕 #pordeeuniverse #fyp #แฟนนางงาม ♬ nhạc nền – xiao xiao 💦

Amidst the annual rivalry between Philippines and Thailand fans, it’s delightful to witness the representatives of these nations consistently forging friendships and embracing the competitive spirit together. Notably, Anntonia has a history of forming bonds with Miss Philippines representatives, reminiscent of her relationship with Resham Saeed during Miss Supranational 2019. While the anticipation builds for whether Michelle or Antonnia will claim the crown, one certainty prevails—their friendship is a source of inspiration, underscoring that, in a pageant, it’s not just about the crown, but also the enduring friendships that unfold.

Featured Image: ANNE JAKRAJUTATIP (via Instagram)
Photos: MICHELLE DEE and ANTONNIA PORSILD (via Instagram)

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