Why One Piece is the New Standard For Anime Adaptations

Why One Piece is the New Standard For Anime Adaptations


Anime-to-live-action adaptations might be challenging, but One Piece proved and demonstrated how they can be done

Taking on the task of bringing to life a legendary saga such as Eiichiro Oda‘s One Piece is no easy task, but Netflix’s latest offering has showcased that it can be successfully accomplished. From the moment it was announced, fans’ excitement at the live-action show based on the series has led them to have nothing but the highest expectations for the project. One Piece, nonetheless, did not let anyone down, for it effectively displayed a nostalgic charm capable of igniting the spirit of adventure within its audience.

On that note, here are our unfiltered, spoiler-free opinions on why this show is the gold standard moving forward: 

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Setting sail with authenticity

One Piece Series

Live-action anime adaptations sometimes come under fire for straying too far from the source material, and this was an initial worry for most One Piece fans. Fortunately, the eight episodes that make up Netflix’s version adapt a number of key plot points from the anime. It was obvious that the show stayed true to its source material as much as possible, making only minor changes, almost all of which were for the better.

Great casting meets adventure

No one will argue that One Piece didn’t have a superb cast. From Emily Rudd’s pitch-perfect performance as Nami to Mackenyu’s impressively edgy yet cool portrayal of Zoro, it was a clear display of talent that left no doubt that everyone involved was working at the peak of their abilities.

One Piece Straw Hat Pirates

But this conversation would be incomplete without mentioning the name of Iñaki Godoy. All eyes were on him from the moment he was announced as the lead of the live-action series, wondering how he would bring to life the leader of the Straw Hat Pirates and one of the most well-known characters in manga and anime history. The young actor’s acting chops were on full display throughout each and every episode. That’s why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the showrunners, including One Piece‘s creator Eiichiro Oda, have said Godoy is better than they could have hoped for. 

Pirates at the perfect pace

One Piece Story

It’s natural to question how the producers of this show planned to condense a hundred episodes into just eight. It was truly impressive that the Straw Hat Pirates were seamlessly introduced to the audience one by one at just the correct pace, and all the action we’ve come to expect was on full display. The production team clearly didn’t waste any time and effectively combined narrative with heart-pumping motions. In contrast to the drawn-out battles of the manga, the action sequences here were split up into portions that paired off different members of the crew, which allowed us to learn more about their characteristics and relationships.

The artistry of adaptation

One Piece Adaptation

Finally, the series was an absolute visual delight. Everything about this show was clearly carefully thought out, from Diana Cilliers’s intricate costumes to Sonya Belousova and Giona Ostinelli’s striking music. The camerawork is also equally lavish, opting for shots that clearly show a preference for creative flair. The sets, many of which are faithful recreations of some of the most recognizable places from One Piece, lend an air of realism to what would otherwise be a very fantastical adventure.

One Piece Fans

With its impressive execution, it’s evident that One Piece unquestionably merits all the accolades it has garnered from its devoted fanbase, who have eagerly awaited its arrival for quite some time. It comes as no surprise, too, to witness these fans passionately expressing their excitement and hopes for another season—one that’s bound to grab attention and has the potential to become an epic success as well.

Photos: ONE PIECE NETFLIX (via Instagram)

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