Why SB19’s GENTO is a Golden Release Today

Why SB19’s GENTO is a Golden Release Today


SB19’s comeback single “GENTO” is a gem to P-Pop’s releases, and here’s why we’re loving this comeback single

Last Friday, the country’s pride SB19 marked the beginning of their Pagtatag era with their newest single “GENTO.” After the compelling story of their comeback trailer, Pablo, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin set the hearts of A’TIN on fire with not just their new song, but also their music video. 

The Kings of P-Pop once again brought their vocals, rap, and choreography to the next level, coupled with a meaningful message to their music video. If you are still in need of some convincing or just find more reasons to stan them, here are some reasons why we’re loving SB19’s “GENTO.”

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Perfect pick-me-up beat

Music has always been a source of emotional inspiration to all of us, whether we want to reel in with our feelings or escape from them. If you are in need of that rush of motivation to start your busy day, “GENTO” is that perfect pick-me-up track you need for that surge of energy. The song featured clap sounds and hard pop bass beats that will truly energize you, an accompaniment that hypes up the SB19’s vocals. 


Playful imagery

The single’s title, “GENTO,” is actually a wordplay to two Filipino words: “ginto” (gold) and “gan’to” (like this). In the chorus, the boys uttered, “‘Di ka basta-basta makakakita ng gento.” The song’s message revolves around how hard work and dedication is one of a kind, just like how the boys have persevered through the years. Likening their passion to the precious gold, the boys validate how the road to success is also as hard as mining for the stone. Besides this imagery, there is a whole lot more to the lyrics that can inspire a listener. 


Powerful flow and vocal color

One of the reasons why “GENTO” is a catchy tune is because of the track’s lyrical flow. The code switching between English and Tagalog is a natural and seamless transition that the verses of the boys create their distinct appeal. Adding to the song’s catchiness is the vocal color of every member, which is a mix of the rap and vocal prowess of SB19. 


Visual presence

Although the comeback and even the music video had dystopian hints to it, that didn’t stop the production team from adding a touch of quirky playfulness. From Josh’s truck scene to Justin getting a bento with a miniature Josh rapping his verse, the camera work allowed smooth transitions and amazing illusions. Besides the catchy tune, the music video indeed is a visual treat to every A’TIN, thanks to SB19 and their whole production team. 


Photos: SB19 (via Instagram)

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