Why Sofia Andres’ Candid Thoughts on Love Matters Today

Why Sofia Andres’ Candid Thoughts on Love Matters Today


Sofia pens a heartfelt caption for her family, beau Daniel Miranda, and daughter Zoe on Instagram earlier today, shutting down comments and rumors floating around

One fact about life is no matter who we are and what we do, people will always talk. From unwarranted comments during reunions to hypercritical social media post and story replies, we get our fair share of judgment. Admittedly, we do it, too. While we might easily spare ourselves from it given our shying away from the limelight, not everyone can. Case in point, Sofia Andres. 

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Sofia Andres for Mega Style

Sofia stands as one of the bravest actresses today for addressing all the issues thrown at her. Even during her teenage years, she has already handled criticism by baring her reactions and straightforwardly expressing her thoughts in every conversation. 

Courage and sincerity still linger in her words today, but they now come punctuated with love for her elementary family, and even for her very own unit with partner Daniel Miranda and daughter Zoe. 

Built upon solid ground

Earlier today, the actress posted a picture of her family during their gathering. The series of pictures also featured her sister, Lara, whom the netizens suspected to be in a misunderstanding with Sofia. Based on the post, the two might have patched things up. 

Sofia Andres and her mother Monette
Sofia with her mother, Monette

In the caption, Sofia writes, “My mind and heart are always in the right place because I want to do my best for my family.”

As a woman who can speak for herself, Sofia finally puts the loud talk to rest the best way she knows how to—with honesty. 

Sofia Andres Family

Last October, the Andres family even celebrated the groundbreaking ceremony of their new home. 

Built on choice

A second post by Sofia followed, one that focused more on her relationship with her partner. Since 2018, the two have gone public with their relationship. With Daniel’s own family background, people also had a lot to say about their partnership, and more so about Sofia. 

Sofia Andres with Daniel Miranda and Zoe Miranda

But in response to the naysayers, here’s what Sofia had to say: “It’s our love story to write to say the least. […] Don’t worry, I know that the time will come. I trust God’s plans for us. But I don’t want to disregard the fact that I wake up every morning feeling loved by both Daniel and Zoe. And honestly, that alone makes me feel so grateful.”

“[A] ring on my finger shouldn’t define our love for each other. It is about how we choose to respect, understand, and forgive each other. More of it, it’s the effort that we put into our relationship and the love we have for our daughter.”

Sofia’s take on her relationship with Daniel

Sofia’s take on their love story teaches us two things. The first is that love truly comes in different forms for everyone. Not all stories are written the same way fictional accounts are. A lot can be said about their lives, but at the end of the day, it is not our business to meddle with. 

Sofia Andres and Zoe Miranda

Second, marriage is a huge responsibility on both ends. It is a lifetime of commitment that takes thoughtful decisions and careful consideration. Having a complete family for the children may be the most ideal scenario, but the foundation is a good partnership of the parents. 

As Sofia puts it, she knows in heart that time will come. And when it finally does, she’ll definitely say it is worth all the honest and careful wait.

Photos from SOFIA ANDRES (via Instagram)

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