Why Tennis is the Latest MVPs of SportsCore

Why Tennis is the Latest MVPs of SportsCore


The runway has become sporty so score a goal with the resurfacing trend of sportscore from the influence of 2024’s Challengers and Bang Pineda’s collection

If you’ve watched Challengers, you’ll understand why. For some, athletics is a cause for pain. Sports cause twisted ankles, sore muscles, and many scratches and bruises—like Zac Efron in The Iron Claw. But, thankfully, this is no wrestling. This is sports of the sophisticated kind, sort of like Country Club Chic. It’s a style one can easily fall in love with, by way of Miu Miu and Dries Van Noten. On his comeback show, Bang Pineda integrated tennis elements into his designs—but make no mistake; you can’t play tennis here. In theory, you can’t play sports in these ensembles, but you sure can look the part. And perhaps that’s all that matters for sportscore.

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The Rise of Tennis Apparel Chic in SportsCore
Bang Pineda’s State of Bang makes use of tennis-inspired looks

Game On

In the age of couture meets competition, sportscore has made an unexpected yet triumphant return, much like an underdog team clinching the championship in the final moments. Imagine the drama of a buzzer-beater shot mixed with the polish of a Paris Fashion Week finale.

The Rise of Tennis Apparel Chic in SportsCore
Zendaya in Brunello Cucinelli for the Challengers press tour in Monaco

What’s more, sports jerseys are the unlikely garments that have become wardrobe favorites. Of course, if you’re a student in the country, you’ve probably seen so many sporting this attire, but none whatsoever have been chic—after all, it’s just sports. Now? Style is the name of the game.

The Rise of Tennis Apparel Chic in SportsCore
Miu Miu S/S24
The Rise of Tennis Apparel Chic in SportsCore
Dries Van Noten S/S24

Sportscore has cleverly adopted athletic aesthetics with fashion function, whether in urban or natural settings. Think Serena Williams meets Anna Wintour, or David Beckham in a Balenciaga bomber, or Andrea Brillantes rocking a sleek football jersey on the beach. No, it’s not about sweating on the court, because who wants that? The fabrics might be breathable, but the looks? Breathtaking instead.

Stylish Victory

The renaissance of sporty sophistication is a statement that appreciates a good game while looking good doing it. Gone are the days when your sports gear was relegated to the back of the closet after gym class. Now, it’s front and center, styled in any way you can—just make sure it scores a goal to the eye.

The Rise of Tennis Apparel Chic in SportsCore
The “Tennis” segment of Bang Pineda’s comeback show integrates high-fashion aesthetics

Think of it this way: if you can’t join the game, you might as well look like you could. Redefining what sportswear means in the context of fashion is in the intersection where athleticism meets aesthetics. If you can’t chase the ball, chase this trend.

Photos: MEGA ARCHIVES and CHALLENGERS THE MOVIE (via Instagram); MIU MIU and DRIES VAN NOTEN (via website)
Featured Image: MEGA ARCHIVES

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