Why The Korean Beauty Philosophy is Ideal for Self-Care

Why The Korean Beauty Philosophy is Ideal for Self-Care


From Song Hye Ko’s timeless beauty, Son Ye-Jin’s poreless skin, and Seo-Ye Ji’s sculpted looks, who wouldn’t want to cop their K-beauty skincare secrets for their own?

Self–isolation can be hard, especially when we’re months in without a spec of light at the end of the tunnel. Lacking in interaction can lead into restlessness and anxiety. With that said, putting the extra effort into self-care seems like the right thing to do especially during a time where health and wellness is the top priority.

Personally, my self-care routine includes indulging in skincare and falling into the deep hole of binge-watching K-dramas. From falling in love with handsome oppas to taking note of the their fashionable designer outfits–one cannot pretend to not envy the flawless skin of the Korean actors and actresses.

The K-beauty trend peaked a few years ago, but their expertise in skincare and beauty philosophy is undeniable. The Korean beauty approach resonates to many because they respect the skin and want to improve it from the inside to out. With a skin first ideal, it doesn’t only focus on having products that fit a routine.

It comes with a mindset that carries through a lifestyle where beauty equates to one’s well-being.

Steering clear of band-aid solutions in their beauty regimens, Koreans have clear, glass-like skin because they treat skin problems before they even start. Unlike in other beauty cultures, where products only cure the current skin concern. K-beauty values taking preemptive measures in creating products that will help nourish the skin to prevent any problems from rising.

They also teach us that a beauty routine isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. Some may have 10-steps to do while others only have five. Developing a K-beauty routine requires personalization that fit your needs so you can have beautiful skin that can last a lifetime.

K-beauty proves that developing a solid skincare foundation, and having a flawless canvas is a visual presentation of how one can treat itself with love and care – something that we all need to do during this time.

Like many of us, Heart Evangelista-Escudero found comfort in skin care to destress. She treats herself with the help of Love K-Derma, a newly launched skin care technology brand in the Philippines. They have state of the art facial care gadgets ideal for skincare-savvy individuals and K-beauty fans alike. The brand offers a technologically advanced skin care home solution to attain the healthy and glowing glass skin that many of our favorite Korean celebrities have.

Their state of the art gadgets includes the LED Light Mask which uses intensive light therapy for deeper penetration and maximum effect for tighter and plumper skin. It is equipped with a 7 color treatment that targets skin concerns, helps combat all signs of aging, clears blemishes and reduces pigmentation. It also comes along with a speaking remote control system that guides you through the 10-minute treatment.

Love K-Derma also offers a wide range of skin care products from serums to creams that you can add to your K-beauty self-care routine:

The Glass Skin Activating Gel contains collagen and hyaluronic acid that is used with the LED Light Mask and Skin Lift Wand to brighten and lift the skin.

When was the last time you saw any of the K-drama stars with dark circles? Well, never—probably because they don’t have any. The Cloudless Eye Cream is great with their Eye Lift Wand to hydrate and smooth the under eyes for youthful and even skin.

To achieve the radiant complexion of every K-pop star, their Gold Glow Serum is a smoothening, depigmenting, anti-aging serum that is made with real gold, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C to nourish the skin inside out.

For the translucent glass skin finish, their Hydro-Bright Face Moisturizer contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, and vitamin C perfect for skin detoxifying and brightening.

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