Why We’re Hopping On The Belt Trend

Why We’re Hopping On The Belt Trend


Remember the belt trend from the 2000s? It’s back and here’s how we’re styling it the modern way

There are many style trends from the last decade that have been making their presence known again in mainstream culture. And since there’s no telling on when the Y2K wardrobe picks will cease to end, here’s another that we have stored in the depths of our brains: the layered belt. 

Photo: ALEXANDER MCQUEEN (via Instagram)

Back then the trend of the red carpet was a mix of sweet country girl chic and edgy streetwear picks. It wasn’t really about the glamour since it was all about the mix-matched casual outfits like the skirt and jeans combo. 

Photo: LOUIS VUITTON (via Instagram)

Now when it came to accessorizing, there was no such thing as too little. There was definitely an abundance of accessories since they were wearing their fingerless gloves with a stack of wristbands, and the cherry on top of it all was the belt.   

Photo: TORY BURCH (via Instagram)

The way belts were styled back then was the true trademark of the decade. It was worn loosely around the hips, it didn’t exactly go around the hoops of the jeans, and it also had quite the range when it came to designs. The early 2000s was the season of the belt, as seen on celebrities like Paris Hilton and Beyoncé.

Photo: PARIS HILTON (via Instagram)

Now we’re left wondering, do we dare try this trend one more time? As major fashion enthusiasts and former 2000s fashion victims, we’re going to have to take up the challenge of making the outdated trend look extra chic. So if you’re slightly convinced to recreate the look, here are some tips on how you can make it effortlessly timely. 

Photo: MIU MIU (via Instagram)

As seen on the runways, we listed down three ways that will make the needless belt a need. First, make sure you incorporate the sandwich method by matching the color of your chosen belt with another accessory. Whether it’s your bag, shades, or shoes, it’ll give off that cohesive finish that will make your outfit clean. 

Photo: RALPH LAUREN (via Instagram)

Second, opt for a monochromatic look to make the belt stand out in a subtle way, but keep in mind that minimal textures will be the pièce de résistance of the entire look. Lessen the use of prints and patterns so that the spotlight stays on the belt.

Photo: VERSACE (via Instagram)

Lastly, always go for the statement. It’s the chunky leather to the studded leather belt that can really make any outfit stand out. If you’re thinking of going for a minimalist chic look with a mini skirt and tube top, best believe that a thick black belt will tie the whole look effortlessly. You can also do something laid-back with a maxi bodycon dress finished with an embellished belt. What was once the forbidden style has now turned into fashion’s favorite revival moment.

Featured Image: VERSACE (via Instagram)

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