Why Will This Be The Haircut Everyone’s Getting In The Year 2021?

Why Will This Be The Haircut Everyone’s Getting In The Year 2021?


There’s a new haircut in town and she’s not your regular long layers or K-pop-inspired fringe. Find out what the new haircut trend of the next year will be.

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Remember “The Rachel” cut donned by the one and only Jennifer Anniston during her prime in the beloved series, Friends? The haircut was the brain-child of Friends hairstylist, Chris McMillan. In many interviews, he said he wanted to create a standout look for the breakout star of the hit TV series. Many salons could attest how many fans followed suit at the time. If you’re thinking “The Rachel” is making a comeback next year,

we’re here to tell you it’s not. However, 2021’s haircut of the year is very similar to the famous Aniston ‘do. Since 2000s trends have become increasingly popular, so has the haircuts of the said decade, except this time, people have been adding in a modern twist to it. Despite many tutorials on the 2021 haircut, there has not been a name for it yet. So, we’re calling this new ‘do haircut, “The Rachel: Remastered.” Here’s how you can get it.

The Rachel: Remastered Explained

To put it shortly, “The Rachel: Remastered” is a crossover between Parisian layers and the infamous TV hair cut. It is very much inspired by the 2000s, but is modern and effortless in a very European way.

The haircut is ultimately a longer shag featuring curtain bags and medium-length layered hair. Unlike “The Rachel,” it is fairly easy to style because it’s a much longer version.

haircut, layered

How To Care For The Rachel: Remastered

A layered haircut is fairly harder to style than straight cut hair, but the rewards are ten-fold. Layered hair is great for anyone who has a longer face or thinner face. The haircut will give you volume all around and bring your hair to life. Care for this type of haircut in three easy steps.

First, apply Argan oil on the ends of your damp hair.

You may even opt to add in some texturizing spray.

Second, with a comb, brush your hair forward as opposed to just straight down.

Third, with a blow dryer and a round brush, round out your hair inward. Afterwards, you may style it in any way you want.

hair color

How You Can Reinvent The Haircut

There are so many ways you can reinvent this haircut. Some have opted for a more K-Drama look by lengthening the layers and adding in a fringe. Others have gotten shoulder length

hair and going for a shaggy cut.

The point is, layers are back. It is once again socially acceptable to go all out on the layers and give yourself a real 2000s throwback.

haircut, layered

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