Why You Should Get a Russian Manicure, According to Nail Care Specialist Ashley Colet

Why You Should Get a Russian Manicure, According to Nail Care Specialist Ashley Colet


There’s a reason why the Russian Manicure is all over our social media feeds right now. MEGA talks to nail care specialist Ashley Colet about this technique and its benefits.

A technique and profession, not a design or a trend—this is the principle of the Russian manicure. However, its meticulous process and equally impressive results have made it go viral across social media. International model devotees of the Russian manicure include Kendall Jenner and Jasmine Tookes, to which the latter said in an Instagram story to her followers, “I don’t think I’m ever going back to having a normal manicure ever again.” What is it about this technique that is life-changing for our nails? Nail care specialist Ashley Colet, who focuses on luxury Russian manicure, gives MEGA all the details about the clean and pristine mani-care look.

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Ashley’s work of the classic milky shade on natural nails

What’s the Difference?

“Known also as the dry manicure, the Russian manicure is different in its technique and focus,” Ashley says. “Unlike the traditional manicure, this method utilizes special tools like electric files with bits in various grits and coarseness to gently buff away dead skin and cuticles without soaking the nails in any liquids or solutions.” Primarily, the concern would be in our nails’ safety, but Ashley says that the surgeon-like precision required in this method allows the specialist to get closer to the nail plate without causing any damage. “It focuses on removing excess skin and cuticle growth,” she continues. “It’s considered a gentler and more precise option, particularly suitable for those with sensitive nails or those seeking meticulous nail care.”

Get your own nude shade for a truly personalized experience

If you’re wondering whether the Russian manicure is a longer process, the answer is that the detailed method takes more time—but so will the results. The nail care specialist assures you that enhancements will last for weeks to months.

Ashley’s Journey

A fine arts student with a background in painting and color theory, this was a hobby turned into a passion turned into a business. Today, Ashley owns Ash Luxe Nails, a nail salon based in Cavite and Mandaluyong, the current go-to for a flawless Russian manicure finish. How did she start? “I was a nail-biter myself,” she shares with MEGA. “And I was never satisfied with the work of other nail technicians or salons; I disliked the look of unnatural nails and the limited color selections. Other than that, it was just too expensive for what it is.”

Ashley Colet is a Russian Manicurist who specializes on nail health

Ashley continues to share that what drove her into the craft was the meticulous, labor-intensive, and unique practice. While it was never in her plans, a determination to achieve the clean and classy nail look only seen on Pinterest and Instagram was what motivated her to learn and apply it in business. “I pursued this by taking up online courses with Russian Nail Masters and proceeding to get my international certification with Russian Manicure PH. I’m also going to continue my studies in May in Thailand,” Ashley explains.

Custom nude on natural nails via the russian manicure

All these studies have led her to build the steady and growing clientele base she has today. She shares with MEGA that she was a bit concerned with building this clientele in the beginning as she did not offer nail art. “I love a nice plain, nude and classic nail look which is what led me to offer hand-mixed, customized shades to match every skin tone possible,” she states. “But the market for these types of nail looks is more than what I expected. Other than that, I wanted my services to be specially catered to those who want to give their nails extra TLC and not just a basic manicure. Think of it as getting a facial but for your nails…a nail-cial.

So if you ever find yourself wanting a well-deserved self-care session, Ashley has you covered—your nails are in the best hands.

Additionally, Ash Luxe Nails focuses on nail reconstruction and gives you a truly personalized experience—she mixes her own shades to perfectly suit every skin tone.

The clean, polished look matches your skin tone perfectly

Prioritizing Your Nails’ Safety

Apart from running her own business, Ashley is also an ambassador for Russian Manicure PH, which offers courses on this technique. She strongly advocates for studying and being a professional first as this is crucial to the Russian manicure method: “It requires proper training to ensure safety and effectiveness,” she says firmly. “Without professional knowledge, there’s a risk of causing harm to clients’ nails or skin. Additionally, understanding the intricacies of nail anatomy and proper sanitation procedures is essential to maintain hygiene standards and prevent the spread of infections.”

A before photo of a client’s nail; Ashley specializes on nail reconstruction as well for healthy growth
The result is a healthy and beautiful look you often see on Instagram or Pinterest

Remember—when going to get a Russian manicure, do your research first and ensure the studio has nail care specialists and technicians who are properly trained for this nail care method. “It’s also about having the expertise to assess the clients’ nail health and recommend the most suitable treatments, including whether Russian manicure is appropriate based on their individual needs,” Ashley continues on to say. “Overall, professional training ensures that practitioners can deliver high-quality services with confidence, prioritizing the safety and satisfaction of their clients.”

The Business of Nail Care

Ashley specializes in strengthening and retaining your nail’s health for beautiful growth with natural-looking builder gel extensions

It’s safe to say that the results are truly impressive; the nail salon is fully booked this April. Even as a one-woman-team, Ashley continues to provide precise cuticle care and promote the utmost nail health in her business. That said, her favorite part about being a nail care specialist for Russian manicure is this: “Making my clients happy, because transforming their nails makes up for all the hard work I put into my craft,” she tells MEGA. “I believe helping other women achieve the dream nail look they’ve been wanting is the best part of being a nail artist for luxury Russian manicure.”

Photos and Featured Image: ASH LUXE NAILS

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