With The Rest Of The Year Numbered, Here Are The Perfect Planners To Guide And Keep You On Track In 2020

With The Rest Of The Year Numbered, Here Are The Perfect Planners To Guide And Keep You On Track In 2020


As the current year comes to a near close, we’ve got our days numbered to prepare for the beginning of 2020. And what better way to do that than with a yearly planner?

With only 58 days to go before the dawn of a new year, a new decade, in fact, there is nothing left to do than to make the best of the remaining few days and yes, to get our acts together. This also means looking back at the year that has gone by so swiftly. Did we make the most out of it? Did our plans come to fruition? Did this end up the year we intended it to be?

The answer to all those existential questions shouldn’t be difficult. That is if you’ve managed to keep a log of the days, diligently logging things down for posterity. So, while that consumes your thoughts for the fraction of the time left, it’s now time to look forward and kick off your new year with a planner, one that is bound to keep yourself organized and on track all year round, ideally.

Like clockwork, caffeine-aholics will head to coffee shops of their choice and start collecting stickers or stamps, in exchange for a planner. Meanwhile, non-fans with little to no EQ will go ahead and browse through bookstores and look for a 2020 planner that suits them well. There will be rows and choices aplenty for sure. So, to make things easier for you, we’ve stacked up the noteworthy ones you should keep tabs on for a more focused, organized, and abundant year ahead.

Belle De Jour Power Planner

This year, Belle De Jour is taking on a more celestial theme: The Universe Is In Me, as a response to how our humanity looks to the cosmos for guidance, influences, and spiritual energy. You can choose from BDJ Classic, BDJ Limited Edition, BDJ Leather, and BDJ DiscBound. Watch out for special pages to discover your own magic, identify your moods, strengths, priorities, and goals.

Starbucks Planner

Have you started collecting stickers yet? Here’s what everyone has been waiting for every year, especially for those who can’t skip a day without a cup of coffee—or more. Just recently, Starbucks has unveiled their highly-anticipated 2020 planner, blank notebooks, and travel organizers. Coming in four gram-worthy colors, each planner is crafted in hardbound leather with matching suede zip case and a bookmark.

Navi Journal

Taking you beyond your ordinary voyage, the Navi Journal lets every travel enthusiast find comfort in wherever their feet takes them. It comes in an intricately-designed matte leather cover with 176 colored pages and expandable back pocket for your travel essentials.

Coffee Bean Giving Journals

Since Christmas is both giving and receiving, Coffee Bean takes on its annual advocacy on funding for Real Life Foundation with their 2020 planner. Their new planner comes in refillable notebooks to utilize the leather cover and includes more writing space for another productive year ahead. It also has motivational quotes to that not only serve as a monthly divider, but necessary dose of inspiration as well.

Everything is Possible

Acknowledging the contentment, beauty, and generosity in you is Everything is Possible. Now, you can be magnet of possibilities as you plan your daily activities with its matte-laminated hard cover has silver foil stamping and an expandable back pocket.

Sunnies Agenda

To all astrology fans, here’s the perfect cosmic planner for you. With all its horoscope-related content inside, you’ll see zodiac profiles, astrological charts, monthly positive affirmations, discount coupons, and so much more. From Capricorn to Sagittarius, choose between sun and moon, this planner will suit any season. The best part about this yearly tradition is the zodiac illustrations that are a hybrid of whimsy and eccentricity, making the affinity for the agenda even more impactful and hard to resist.

BDJ Petit Planner

If you’re not into carrying heavy planners with you, here comes your favorite handy planner that you can literally carry in your pocket. Apart from its attracting covers—basic pretty pastel-colored cover and typo statement cover, it also has a clear cover with a zipper PVC pocket to store additional notes and cards.

Big Ideas Notebook

Because we can’t get enough of pastels, Big Ideas Notebook comes in two covers with “Explore. Discover. Design.” and “Start Each Day With A Grateful Heart” stampings. You can play around and unleash your inner artist on dotted and lined pages.

Forget-Me-Not Journals

Keep track of your big life events with Forget-Me-Not Journals that has three versions according to your notes. For your bucket lists, resolutions, and anything currently on your mind, get the List Journal. If there’s anything you want to draw instead of writing it, flip through Ideas Journal. And, Meetings Journal won’t let you miss any info from your meetings.

With these wide range of planner and journals to choose from that fits according to your lifestyle or mood, are you renewing from where you got your 2019 one or making a change with something more appropriate to the auspicious mood of the year to come?

Additional text by Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena

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