Lauren Reid Surfs Through Life With Determination

Lauren Reid Surfs Through Life With Determination


As we look into the life of a young entrepreneur, we also unfold Lauren Reid’s life as a woman of determination.

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Life after college sounds nerve-wracking for some. Leaving the bounds of the school rules and stepping foot into the life of a young adult, there is no guide on how to navigate this part of your life. And while some are still in their time of learning, there are others who have cracked the code. 

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Finding the balance amidst the busy schedule, Lauren Reid shares how she overcomes everyday battles and going through the motion of life. 

People have different routines as they go through their day and for Lauren, her morning routine sets the tone for the day. Squeezing some time to meditate or making a list of the goals she has for the day— these are the little things that she considers sacred.

Having the chance to experience new platforms, it’s safe to say that Lauren isn’t one to shy away from an adventure. But what most people may not know is the new challenge she’s taking on— being a university student. 

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“I’m back in university and currently finishing my degree in business. Although I’m not as intense as I was before, what I’m doing now fits my lifestyle better. ”

Lauren Reid

Burnouts can come in unexpectedly. It catches us in the most inconvenient times and it takes awhile to break from its bounds. In Lauren’s case, a mindful method helps her get back on track.

“It happens to me quite a lot but I think it’s all about taking a step back. Analyzing the situation and not being too hard on myself. Even with my routines and schedules, things can happen in life so it’s about prioritizing and being kind to myself.”

Lauren Reid

“As I get older, I achieve a goal then I go to the next thing. I don’t think this ever stops, with anyone too, unless you’re ready to just stay where you are. But for me, I need to go out there and put myself in that uncomfortable position because that’s the only way I’ll grow”

Lauren Reid

The 29 year old fully embraces her walk as she proudly tells us where she is in her life. She fondly expresses that irregardless of the pace, nothing is ever too early or too late in life.

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“There’s so many things that I want to do, I just hope I can do them all in an authentic and passionate way. I hope I can express that through my work and that other people will see that too.”

Lauren Reid

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