A Recap on How Femininity Begets Strength in this year’s GRLPWR Celebration

A Recap on How Femininity Begets Strength in this year’s GRLPWR Celebration


In the inspiring event of Rustan’s The Beauty Source’s GRLPWR Generation You, we were given the chance to learn to be bold, fearless, and confident from different stories from fellow women

In present times, it is easy for us to be so occupied with the daily grind of life that we sometimes lose sight of what we are doing all of this for. During moments like that, all we really need is to take a step back and bask ourselves in the presence of our friends and family, sharing stories with fellow women or simply recalling what life really is all about.

That is the purpose of Rustan’s The Beauty Source’s annual Women’s Month celebration. With carefully-structured programs and thematic events that cater to everyone and not limited to women, Rustan’s prepares an organized medium where we can take a breather and discuss life with strong and accomplished women. This year, we heard the insights of four inspiring and successful women in their own field and advocacies: Audrey Zubiri, Daphne Paez, Happy Ongpauco-Tiu, and Yanna Cowper. 

This year’s GRLPWR Generation You event was held via Facebook Live, connecting women from all over the country hosted by none other than the talented and independent Issa Litton. Rustan’s Beauty Addict #GRLPWR Generation You was made possible by the following sponsors: ASTR, Charriol, Jane Iredale, Koh Gen Do, Moon River, Phyto, Ricardo Preto, Richmond and Finch, Seafolly, Stila, and Vivienne Tam.

Similar to an online sleepover party, Issa then proposed a game to the audience called “I Am”, where you complete a statement that best describes you as a woman of power as an ice-breaker, actively involving the audience in this year’s storytelling and setting up an inclusive atmosphere for everyone present before proceeding with the main part of the show. 

Issa soon introduced the four long-awaited special guests to join us in a casual girl talk about life, career, and embracing our femininity. 

Live with overwhelming passion

When it comes to passion and positivity, Audrey, founder of the all-female organization Inclusive Livelihood Assistance Benefits for All of You or I LABA U, was there to teach us the keys to success. She opened herself with a gentle aura and a sweet smile, when she was asked by Issa if she thought passion was the key to success. 

“Passion is such a huge key to success. It’s a great contributing factor in a sense that it can inspire you to work harder and give more of yourself because it’s not just a job.”

Audrey Zubiri

“It’s also very easy to get burnt out from work, right? In these last few years of the pandemic, it’s been very challenging for a lot of businesses,” Audrey reminded, going on about how difficult it is to continue a business with an increased amount of stress. “But having passion for what you do, for your industry, and passion for the people that you are helping and supporting—all these things come together and it helps you to keep your focus and to give you strength to strive and work continuously harder until you succeed.” 

Empowering In Power

Daphne, best-selling author of Chic: Tips on Life, Style, and Work, has always been headstrong and straightforward in advocating for her fellow women. 

“Gender isn’t an issue in the Philippines. Women rock it. In the broadcasting industry, practically in every new organization, the heads are all women,” Daphne said in confidence, as she talked about her life as a broadcaster. 

Despite that, Daphne’s road to empowerment was rocky. “The reality of aging in an industry that is visual is something that can be unforgiving. I have been told to lose weight after giving birth, I’ve been told to cut my hair to look serious and credible.” 

However, with her strong personality and inspiring ambition, Daphne managed to cut through the roadblocks and surpass the standards that others set for her.

“Focus and think of where you can make a difference. No one needs a big title.”

Daphne Paez

Choose to be happy

Happy provides hands-on guidance, whether it be towards her children, her advocacies, or her business. From these experiences, she gathered a lot of lessons in life, especially in the restaurant industry. 

“In the food industry, it’s very male-dominated, so I believe that when women excel in my industry it empowers other women to work harder,” Happy said. “It’s really proving to the world that, hey, we can do it, too. So it’s really women empowerment.”

However, it isn’t all about proving oneself or doing everything you can. The most important thing for Happy is living up to her name, literally.

“Always remember that you have to believe in yourself, you have to have faith, and ‘choose Happy’.”

Happy Ongpauco-Tiu

Amplify your voice

As an active volunteer for CRIBS, an organization that helps abused and neglected young girls get back on their feet, Yanna doesn’t take the label of influencer lightly. Her actions are meant to be a model to all the other younger influencers out there. “I think I’ve only learned the past few years that I’ve become the type of person who always says yes to life,” Yanna said. “Going through that risk or taking that risk is a very empowering feeling. I understand now that it might not always go my way, and in reality you have to be practical, but if you still have to go for something, the answer will always be no if you never try.”

While it is something that most of us realize later on in life, Yanna openly stated that she, too, only realized the rewards of taking risks in her early 20s. “You know I’m still very young, but I’m glad I realized that.”

“Even if you are doing good right now and at where you want to be, never feel ashamed to turn to the people who care about you.”

Yanna Cowper

As an influencer, taking calculated risks can also bring up even more challenges and standards from your industry. “I should also take my time. I shouldn’t feel pressured to compare myself to anyone,” Yanna said, claiming that she was often told to lose weight, but she managed to get through self-doubt and pressure by turning to her support system and volunteer activities. “Of course, I’ll doubt myself, but I have a really great support system and I just keep going for what I want. Another thing is, even if you are doing good right now and at where you want to be, never feel ashamed to turn to the people who care about you.” she said. “I’m still in the process of figuring out how I can make my mark, but I think just the act of giving back really helps me amplify my voice and my purpose.” 

Real girl power

As the four guest speakers expressed their appreciation for all the Beauty Addict members and other viewers who joined their girl talk, the event ended with a meaningful statement from Issa: “That’s what girl power is all about! It’s about embracing the realities and our true selves.” In building our advocacies, the event taught us that it’s alright to pause for a while and celebrate your womanhood in your own time. You can watch the replay of Rustan’s Beauty Addict GRLPWR Generation You on their Facebook page. Take a step back, enjoy the present, and talk to your girl friends, because this is your generation of girl power. 

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