The Women Behind Calum Scott—His Inspirations, Motivations, And Success

The Women Behind Calum Scott—His Inspirations, Motivations, And Success


Behind every successful man is a woman. This is one thing Calum Scott has never been ashamed to admit. Though indirectly, Calum has always been open about the people he owes everything to. From the accidental discovery of his talent to the inspiration behind his singles—Calum has stories to tell about the women who have helped him pave his way up in the industry.

Accidental Artist

Admittedly, Calum used to always sing in the shower. It’s how his sister has discovered that he can sing. From there, his sister has pushed him to join a singing competition in their hometown. This has got to be the beginning of his journey without him even knowing it. But more than just encouraging him to join a local competition, his sister was also with him at Britain’s Got Talent auditions. “I believe in you. We should go for it,” his sister said and so he nervously stepped on Britain’s Got Talent stage earning a golden buzzer later.

She Is The Reason

A song dedicated to his grandma, You Are The Reason has hit the charts all over the world. The song though was more than just a romantic ballad. “’You Are The Reason’ started out as a song about something completely different than what it is now,” Calum shared. But as the writing process went on, “Without A Reason” has become the hit we can’t help but sing along with now. Calum has also revealed that this is a song dedicated to his grandma.

No Matter What

A lot of people can’t help but shed a tear to his newest single, ‘No Matter What’. It’s pretty evident who he was inspired by as he wrote the song—his mother. When Calum was 13, he came out as gay to his family and friends. While his friends decided he’s no longer one of them, he shared that one person loved him no matter who he is. His mother has embraced Calum for who he is since day one and writing the song is only a part of what he can do for her. It was a song that was bound to be released as his debut but it only felt right until now.

Getting to know Calum Scott comes with getting to know the people behind his success. The humble singer has always reached out and looked up to these women as his inspiration. Calum is performing in Manila for the second time at the New Frontier (formerly Kia) Theater on October 30, 2018.

Photography by Floyd Jhocson of Studio100

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