What The Women Of Game Of Thrones Should Wear For Their Coronation

What The Women Of Game Of Thrones Should Wear For Their Coronation


Fresh from the runways and straight to the Iron Throne, we reimagine what the women of Game of Thrones would wear as they ascend to queendom.

With the last few episodes of what is arguably the greatest television show of the decade, we can’t help but feel a gamut of emotions. From excitement to despair, we wonder out loud: who will finally sit on the Iron Throne? Who will die and who will survive? What will be the fate of the dragons (and for Cersei, the elephants)? Will Ghost finally get a hug, a belly rub, or, at the very least, a boop from Jon Snow?

We’ve grown attached to the lore, politics, characters and their relationships, and of course—I know it’s not just me—their style and fashion, the evolution of which we’ve seen throughout the series. Which leads me to my ultimate question: What will the ladies wear when they get crowned?

So while waiting for the final fight for the ultimate seat of power, I imagined what the powerful women would be wearing as they finally ascend to queendom—in the latest fashion from the runways of Fall 2019 to Resort 2020.

Sansa Stark in Alexander McQueen

The Lady of Winterfell’s recent affinity for black, heavy fur, and hardware accessories perfectly reflected her character’s transformation following the cruel hardships she’s had to suffer. While others may argue that she’s the weakest of all, Sansa is undeniably a cunning leader. Enduring traumatic experiences not only hardened her, but also made her a master manipulator. That, combined with her determination to maintain the values instilled by her family, makes her a force to be reckoned with. In the North, she means serious business, making an Alexander McQueen Fall 2019 sharp, power suit with unexpected details—cutouts, drapery, and elevated metallic accessories—a fitting choice for Sansa Stark.

Arya Stark in Chanel

To say that Arya is the heroine of The Great War would be an understatement since she fulfilled a prophecy wherein she would “shut many eyes forever”—the dreaded Night King’s included. Back in the first season, the young Stark has already shown great skill in combat. Later into the series, we’ve seen her grow and further refine her physical prowess. Last we’ve seen of her, she was headed to Westeros, assumably to finish the job and slay Cersei (or Daenerys, as fans would speculate). It’s safe to assume that Arya would again have her hands full. So, mobility— without sacrificing the chilly North’s aesthetic—is key. Lucky for her, Chanel Fall 2019 Look #57 ticks all these boxes in a caped leather playsuit perfect for a winter assassin.

Cersei Lannister in Balmain

There’s probably no character more vicious and vindictive than the current ruler of the kingdom herself. Cersei is, in a word, wicked. Her ruthless desire for power is her main driving force for everything she does—alliances and families be damned (save for her children, of course). Combine that sheer determination to rule with her intelligence, exploitative mind games, and resource management skills, and you’ve got yourself a bad-to-the-bone villain—one that you can’t help but admire and hate at the same time. Cersei, having lost everything before, has armed herself with the brains of her right hand, Qyburn, and the brawns of her guard, The Mountain. This self-fortification is also reflected in her recent fashion of choice—somber tones, armor-like accessories, and her pièce de résistance: bold shoulders. It’s only apt that we look into the designer that singlehandedly pushed for the pointy shoulder trend, Balmain. Look # 75 proved to be fitting for the royal with its exaggerated shoulders, sweeping cape, and a chain crown.

Daenerys Targaryen in Louis Vuitton

It’s not our fault that we constantly find ourselves rooting for the white-haired Khaleesi to win the game of thrones. Throughout the seasons, the show has always championed Daenerys as not only the rightful heir to the throne, but the most likable one as well. We’ve seen her come from a lowly life and rise from the ashes to claim the title of Queen, one that’s dead set on destroying slavery and promoting equality—a true hero for the masses. Throughout her journey, her fashion has always been a true reflection of her growth and stature: from her almost naked beginnings in barely there fabrics, a nomad queen in utilitarian wear in earthy fabrics, to referencing the cultures of Essos in militaristic yet regal robes of blues and whites, up until her most recent ensembles of high neck, broad-shouldered, fur-lined coats with leather touches and pops of red—signifying a dawn of new power for Daenerys. Considering the Mother of Dragons’s transformation in terms of power and style, an outfit as strong as the Breaker of Chains is in order. Structured and beautifully sculpted, this piece from Louis Vuitton Resort 2020 seamlessly fuse deconstructed art deco and modern architectural references resulting in a hypnotic ensemble as bedazzling as Daenerys herself.

Bonus Tribute: Missandei in Rick Owens

While she may not have been in the running for the crown, Missandei will always be a fan favorite—and for good reason. The translator turned handmaiden slash advisor to Daenerys was always shown to be brave and strong with a good heart. Up until the end, Missandei showed courage and utmost loyalty, believing in her Queen and everything Dany stood for. To pay tribute to Missandei, we decided to go back to the style we have come to know her for: fine draperies befitting a Grecian goddess. This time, however, we reimagined her in a powerful version care of Rick Owens Fall 2019 collection.

Art by Shaira Bungcag

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