These Women Prove That Extreme Sports Are for Everyone

These Women Prove That Extreme Sports Are for Everyone


It’s scientifically proven that being active has positive effects on all facets of our lives–physically, emotionally, and mentally. The adrenaline rush produces good hormones that make us happy and focused. These days, more people are discovering the amazing benefits of staying active from joining specialized fitness clubs to attending group workouts. But apart from these group activities, there is also a significant number of people pursuing sports. While workouts are good for overall wellness, finding and sticking to a specific sport has more advantages. It builds habit and discipline that people can bring with them as they age.

But if you’re one of those adrenaline junkies looking for the next thrilling thing, extreme sports, like skateboarding or BMX, may be what you just need. Over the years, we have seen these sports take the spotlight as they offer something different, exciting, and more heart-pumping, literally and figuratively. These are just some of the reasons why these sports appeal to more people regardless of age and gender. If you’re thinking of pursuing a more thrilling sport or adventure, we’ve rounded up five women whom you can take inspiration from.

Hidilyn Diaz for Weightlifting

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Hidilyn became interested in weightlifting with the influence of her cousin. Back in Zamboanga, she had used home-made weights for training until such time that she moved to Manila to continue the sport. Fast forward today, she has brought tremendous honor to the country for being the first Filipina Olympic medalist in the 2016 Summer Olympic held at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As if weightlifting wasn’t thrilling enough, Hidilyn also joined the military in 2013 and currently serves under the Philippine Air Force.

Margielyn Didal for Skateboarding

Credits: ESPN.COM

Margielyn Didal rose to fame last year when she took home the gold medal for skateboarding in the Asian Games held in Jakarta. Prior to competing, she received a scholarship in a skateboard camp in Minneapolis that led her joining the X Games and the Street League Skateboarding Pro Open in London. Margielyn kick flipped her way to become a champion with the streets of Cebu as her playground, which only tells you that this girl just loves the thrill.

Giorgia Guidicelli for Triathlons


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More than just sharing the Guidicelli name with her younger celebrity brother Matteo, Giorgia Guidicelli has called the attention of people on her own. Her affinity for nature, adventures, and the outdoors inspire people to give in to the bite of the travel bug and follow their wanderlust. Her active lifestyle is also evident on her social media. She spends a hefty amount of time training for triathlons and competing in them. Her hard work pays off in the form of medals, new experiences, and personal triumphs. With new travel destinations and athletic accomplishments always on the horizon, there’s no stopping this girl-on-the-go from reaching new heights everyday.

The Litas Manila for Motor Biking


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When you hear motor biking, you don’t necessarily think of women riding big bikes clad with leather accessories. This stereotype is what inspired the women of The Litas Manila to create an all-women riding club. They make a buzz on the streets of the metro in customized Ducatis, KTMs, and Harley Davidsons. Breaking the norm of motorcyclists, these formidable females also advocate the safety of women motorcyclists today and prove that even straight women can rock an engine. They want to promote the lifestyle to more women and encourage them that they, too, can ride big bikes like it’s nobody’s business. 

Lorraine Lapus for Surfing


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Lorraine Lapus is considered to be one of the OGs in surfing way before the sport became mainstream. She has won several local competitions like the Manila Surfing Association Cup. Leaving the life of being a weekend warrior behind, she’s now pursued her passion for surfing full time as a surf coach and an outdoor education program manager. Her new lifestyle allows her to do what she loves everyday. This change in career also lets her travel around the world to experience the different surfing spots foreign waters have to offer.

Nadine Lustre for Playing Video Games


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Nadine Lustre has made a name for herself with her soft ladylike appeal. You know her as the ultra feminine face of numerous makeup, clothing, and fragrance brands. But when the cameras are off, another side of her reveals itself: her inner gamer girl. After killing it on set, she kills virtual enemies in the game Call of Duty. She also spends some downtime playing on her old but gold Family Computer console, proving that video games are something girls can enjoy and be good at too.

This women’s month, Mountain Dew encourages all women to pursue and try something new to find the rush of adrenaline they’re looking for. Known as a brand with a predominantly male market, Mountain Dew is pushing the boundaries on who can exceed at aiming for the extremes. Supporting equality and giving women a platform to shine in their own rights, Mountain Dew proves that thrills are for everyone, and whatever men do, women can do too.

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