Amidst The Covid-19 Crisis, The World Unites And Proves That The Human Spirit Cannot Be Broken

Amidst The Covid-19 Crisis, The World Unites And Proves That The Human Spirit Cannot Be Broken


Even as the Covid-19 pandemic challenges the world, our only wish is for it to finally end. Apart from taking safety measures, the entire community is coming together in solidarity, inching to flatten the curve with hope.

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We cannot unsee the reality of people during the Covid-19 lockdown. The employees, commuters, and drivers of public utility vehicles barely made it to the first day of community quarantine and enhanced community quarantine in Metro Manila. It truly is a different case for every class and every job you are in. While the healthcare workers, police and military personnel, security guards, people from the food industry, supermarket attendants, cashiers, volunteers, and social workers have to resist this tough battle from the front lines, some employees are left with no choice to step outside their home and work for what will sustain that day. On the flip side, the privileged people are complaining about one can’t keep themselves at home given the situation.

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Nonetheless, there’s no doubt how nothing is impossible and the world can achieve unity. With heartwarming measures, people from different parts of the world are doing their part in providing help during the Covid-19 outbreak. Celebrities and influential stars are donating money to aid the front line workers of the community. After starting her donation drive yesterday, Bela Padilla and humble donors have already accumulated  Php822,820 and with 14 more days to go, it seems that Bela can even exceed the Php1 million target.

Applauding as loud as it can, the Metro Manila even took a moment yesterday to pause whatever they are doing and show support to the workers who don’t need to wear capes to be called a hero. At 5:00 PM of March 16, everyone was encouraged to stand by their balcony, window, or rooftop and give the front liners resounding applause and let them hear how we wish for their safety—which a lot of people gladly did so.

As they work throughout the day and through this pandemic, food businesses are also stepping in through distributing free food to the hardworking front liners. Las Tres Marias Lasagna delivered their specialty lasagna to the medical workers of Cardinal Santos Medical City while Juice Cubi Ph sent some refreshments to Makati Medical Center ER department.

Even across Europe, Italy, the epicenter of coronavirus, has remained on lockdown, confining their residences as their number of cases hits the highest in the world. In a viral video, every heart was touched and moved when a neighborhood in Italy sang Lady Gaga’s Shallow during the quarantine. In times like this when we have to be resilient, responding accordingly together makes the situation less worse.  Although it doesn’t give a definite cure to the epidemic, becoming one with the entire community still counts as a big help in putting an end to this, especially where it matters to the weathered human spirit.

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