Yassi Pressman Opens Up Her Struggles On Karen Davila’s Recent Vlog

Yassi Pressman Opens Up Her Struggles On Karen Davila’s Recent Vlog


Life is not always rainbows and butterflies. Even a sunshine-type of girl like Yassi Pressman has her own fair share of storms. 

Achieving a holistic, healthy lifestyle is never a destination, but a journey—and no one is ever exempted from going through it, not even celebrities. With the pressure to fit a certain lifestyle and image, their health takes a toll and their happiness takes a backseat. Not to mention the things they, and everyone else, go through behind all the social media posts and events. 

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When we look at Yassi Pressman, we see a lively girl who jives to the beat of the world. But in her recent appearance on Karen Davila’s vlog, she disclosed that she also had her fair share of mental health struggles. With that, here are the three experiences she opened up to the vlogger-slash-journalist:

The weight of her past

It was not always easy and light for Yassi. She shared that her parents’ eventual separation was the beginning of her mental health struggles. She and her sister Issa would cry every time they heard their parents argue. No child ever has it easy, especially when parents fight, but the sad reality is that some relationships cultivate hatred the more they are forced to work. 

When Yassi’s father passed away, her anxiety started. She shared, “He was my purpose. It got to a point where it felt like I was having a stroke.” She felt the anxiety attack in the form of cramps in her legs, thighs, chest, and fingers.

In a conversation with fellow actress Liza Soberano, Yassi described her pain like a wound. But instead of a proper treatment, Band-Aids were her temporary solution. 

Her present love

In the vlog, Yassi also talked about her relationship with beau and business partner Jon Semira. Their relationship, which has been growing for quite some time now, was slowly revealed to the public through Instagram. As of writing, they have traveled to Toronto, Paris, and Amsterdam together. 

A bright future

With mental health as one of her advocacies, Yassi has decided to invest in Mind You. The organization provides services in bigger communities such as companies and other organizations to make psychological support more accessible and affordable. So far, she has encouraged her friends, Nadine Lustre and Liza Soberano, to invest in it as well. According to Yassi, one of the coaches in Mind You also helped in countering her anxiety. 

As pets are known to also ease the minds of humans, the actress also toured Karen in one of their dog parks, another passion project of Yassi’s. Aside from the dog parks they have around the city, she and her sister also have a business called Presidential Paws.

Watch the vlog here:

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