Yes My Love Revives OPM Tunes With The Group’s First EP, You, Me, & Love

Yes My Love Revives OPM Tunes With The Group’s First EP, You, Me, & Love


The Vocal Heartstoppers of P-Pop just released an EP that pays homage to our past, and gives us a peek of the group’s bright future

Fashion is not just the sole industry where blasting from the past thrives. Music, for one, is a place where chords can repeat, tunes are sampled, and songs get their second chance—and more, and over and over again. And if there is a P-Pop group that marries both the past and the present in making a bright future for them, it’s Yes My Love. 

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Yes My Love EP You, Me, & Love debut first YML
Yes My Love focuses on vocals as their edge from the rest of P-Pop groups

Love Equals Sound

Earning the moniker “Vocal Heartstoppers of P-Pop,” the members Niko, RZ, Joshua, Brian, and Jeff showcased their individual and collective vocal prowess in their debut EP entitled You, Me, & Love. The mini album features five covers of OPM classics and hits from the past: “Laging Naroon Ka” by Jaya, “Hanggang Ngayon” by Kyla, “Gisingin Ang Puso” by Liezel Garcia, “Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita” by Roselle Nava, and “Ako Na Lang” by Zia Quizon. With Gab Tagadtad as the arranger and Raizo Chabeldin as the overall producer, the songs still carried their original charm but with an updated twist fit for the boys’ harmonies and ad-libs. 

Yes My Love’s Owns Sonic Touch

Before their official debut last year, Yes My Love exhibited their sweet sonic sound with their cover of Morisette’s “Gusto Ko Nang Bumitaw.” Aside from the P-Pop group’s revival of hits and classics familiar to our ears, they also have their original sound worth the listen. “Rhythm,” their debut single, is a bass-heavy track that brings a party to the ears and the dancefloor. Meanwhile, “Yayakapin” is a ballad with lyrics that tug a listener’s heartstrings as much as the sound does. The lyrical arrangement gives the track a heartfelt take with some sharp and catchy flow. Finally, “Light Up” begins with a noir-like introduction with a sonically suave rhythm. Just like their debut single, their latest original song will surely be a pleasure to listen to on streaming platforms and even watch on stage. 

With the promise of releasing more music soon, Yes My Love will continue stealing our hearts with their vocal charm and equally serving looks—whether it’s their original sound or another rendition. 

Photo and Featured Image: YES MY LOVE (via Twitter)

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