YES MY LOVE’s Niko on Speaking the Language of Hearts

YES MY LOVE’s Niko on Speaking the Language of Hearts


YES MY LOVE hails as the vocal heartstoppers of the P-Pop scene, and member Niko Badayos shares their love language when it comes to their craft and their fans

Love is expressed in various ways, and it is proven true by the number of love languages we can give and receive. While there are many ways for acts of service, quality time, words of affirmation, physical touch, and receiving gifts to meet halfway, YES MY LOVE, the P-Pop vocal heartstoppers of today, intersects all of these in their newest single “Yayakapin.” In an exclusive interview with MEGA Entertainment, YML member Niko Badayos opens up on the group’s love for their craft as well as for their fandom, the 143. 

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YES MY LOVE Yayakapin MEGA Ent Exclusive Niko Badayos

Loving through serenade

For their second single, Niko, Joshua, RZ, Eli, Jeff, and Brian melded their voices together for a track that used the physical gesture of hugging as a symbol of affection. Meanwhile, songwriter and producer Gabriel Tagadtad highlighted the song’s message settling for a steady lead but with punchy beats, including the sound of a heartbeat at the end.

“We knew this kind of song is what we’re looking for,” Niko shared. “‘Yayakapin’ is the perfect single since gusto namin ng Tagalog song for our second release.” 

With the six-member group known for their vocal prowess, it is no surprise that their voices were the most instrumental in eliciting the emotions of the song and covering all five languages. The song—a gift of service to their fans—carried words of affirmation that they took time in recording. Where’s the physical touch? It’s simply “Yayakapin.” 

Loving through support

Since their March debut, YES MY LOVE has made several physical and virtual appearances for their fans called 143. From their SPECTACLE 2023 performance and PPOPCON act to their first Lounge Live, their fans expressed their support to the boys by showing up in their shows and even logging online and interacting with them and their co-fans. 

“That was our first out of the country trip as a group. I was really thrilled to travel with the boys. Sobrang nag-enjoy kaming lahat, especially sa food. Up until now, everything is still fresh in my memories,” Niko pointed out as he reminisced about their trip to Singapore for SPECTACLE 2023. 

YES MY LOVE Yayakapin MEGA Ent Exclusive Niko Badayos

Talking about their fans, the group’s leader emphasized on how important the 143’s presence is to them. “We always [want] to make our 143 proud, [and] that’s why we’re pouring our hearts out on our upcoming projects. Isa sa mga aabangan ay isang new dance performance, and a new version of one of our songs,” he spilled, teasing the fans for their future releases. 

They say one of the signs of a real love is foreseeing the future with them in the picture. And for Niko, YES MY LOVE’s tomorrow is indeed with their 143 present. “I always wish and pray for their good health para marami pa kaming events na pagsasamahan.” Concluding the interview, he also added his hope for more P-Pop acts to be recognized all over the world. 

Indeed, speaking the language of hearts involves the union of words and actions to achieve the vision of thriving in the future. And if there is a response to the question of who can do this in P-Pop, one answer can be given—YES MY LOVE. 

With reports from ALEXA VILLANO
Photos: YES MY LOVE (via Instagram)

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