You’ll Want To Have Everything On The Menu Of This Artisan Comfort Food Restaurant

You’ll Want To Have Everything On The Menu Of This Artisan Comfort Food Restaurant


If classic comfort food dishes like burger, pasta, chicken, mac and cheese, and steak have a special place in your heart and stomach, here’s the best restaurant you should go to next. 

When on the look out for a good place to dine, the first thing we usually look for is somewhere that serves our all-time favorite food, and that’s what we recently spotted here in San Juan. Get ready to go all out and embark on a palatable journey as you seemingly circumnavigate the world with Vagabonds Artisan Comfort Food restaurant’s diverse cuisine options.

As Vagabonds takes inspiration from different tastes all over the world, the mood remains calm and collected for the customers to feel the fun, and at home with its welcoming ambiance. From their well-lit interiors to rustic bright and airy vibe, keeping the sophistication alive, Vagabonds lets every diner devour the quality food, served at a reasonable price.

Re-imagining the 30s era, the urban jungle-themed space of Vagabonds reminds you of Tarzan’s iconic leading lady, Jane Porter, with added elements of art deco elements finished off with vintage and rural paintings. You can opt for a more intimate seating in their private area.

While you might want to have everything on their menu as soon as you’ve read through it, here’s what you must order to kick-start your palate. You should definitely try their most famous #OneKiloSteak where you can choose between salt and pepper rub or handcrafted Brazilian rub. But here’s a tip: go half-an- half to enjoy the savory of both flavors.

Also, try their Bleu Cheese Mac and Monticello Mac and Cheese for oozing cheesy goodness and generous portions of bacon on top. Sounds irresistible, isn’t it? The chicken lovers can go for Ultimate Wings Sampler and Ibiza Chicken Chorizo Pilaf to bring a scene of Iberian Peninsula after your first bite. For a delectable taste of dessert, try Scout’s Treat S’mores Pudding made with blow-torched marshmallows.

This commodious restaurant located within a bustling shopping center makes it easy for Vagabonds to capture attention of people who wants to dig in an abundant amount of good food.

Vagabonds is located at 2/F O Square 1, Greenhills Mall, San Juan. For more information on Vagabonds, check their Facebook and Instagram account @vagabondsartisan.

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